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Q71. Which of the following MUST be the same when replacing a hard drive in a laptop?

A. The interface type of the existing drive

B. The speed of the new drive

C. The total data capacity of the PC

D. The cache size of the new drive

Answer: A

Q72. A technician is installing a network-enabled security system that features IP-based cameras. To access the system remotely, which of the following capabilities is MOST likely to require configuration?

A. VPN passthrough

B. QoS

C. Static IPs

D. Port forwarding

Answer: D

Q73. After migrating a network-based print queue to a new server, users are reporting that documents are not printing correctly and print jobs will error out or print garbled text. Which of the following actions will BEST resolve this issue for the affected users?

A. Install the correct drivers on the server.

B. Delete and reconnect to the print queue on the client machine.

C. Restart the print queues on the print server.

D. Reinstall the printer drivers on the client desktops.

Answer: A

Q74. After a technician installs a video card, which of the following should the technician configure NEXT?

A. Resolution

B. Colors

C. Dots per inch

D. Refresh rate

Answer: A

Q75. Which of the following devices would provide protection for electronic equipment in an area prone to intermittent, unstable power?

A. Power strip

B. Surge suppressor

C. Uninterruptible power supply

D. Line conditioner

Answer: C

Q76. Which of the following uses a single connector to deliver both video and audio?


B. Serial



Answer: D

Q77. A technician has just installed a wireless access point in a customer’s home office. While testing the network and browsing the Internet, the technician finds that the connection is not stable, speeds are slow, and websites sometimes do not load. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

A. Re-enable the broadcasting of the access point’s SSID so it is visible to mobile devices.

B. Use a WiFi analyzer to ensure neighboring networks are not using the same channel.

C. Reconfigure network devices to use static IPs instead of DHCP-assigned addresses.

D. Change the signal encryption from WPA2 to WEP to ease transmission overhead.

Answer: B

Q78. A technician is building a gaming PC for a user. The user wants to dual boot between Windows XP 32-bit and a 64-bit version of Windows 7 as some of the games require XP. The user requests the following specifications:

64-bit i7 processor, (consisting of 6 cores @ 3.0GHz) 16 GB of RAM (consisting of two 8 GB modules) One 200 GB SSD

RAID 1 (consisting of two 1TB SATA Drives) Two 2 GB SLI Video Cards

Which of the following components should the technician warn the user will be reported differently depending on the operating system that is currently booted?



C. Processor

D. SSD Drive

E. Video Card

Answer: B

Q79. Which of the following monitor technologies provide the widest viewing angle with rich colors and consistent backlighting? (Select TWO).

A. Light Emitting Diode

B. In-Plane Switching

C. Plasma

D. Twisted Nematic

E. Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Answer: A,B

Q80. A user reports the cursor jumps around when typing in documents on a new laptop. Which of the following is MOST likely causing the issue?

A. Touchpad settings

B. Screen calibration

C. Incompatible software

D. Unsigned hardware

Answer: A