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2017 Apr 220-901 answers

Q121. A technician is working on a server with high latency on the mapped network drive. Upon entry into the server room, the technician suspects an issue with one of the drives in the array. Which of the following would the technician do to resolve the problem?

A. Reseat the drive cable in the array.

B. Replace the RAID controller.

C. Replace the faulty drive in the array.

D. Reinstall the RAID drivers.

Answer: C

Q122. A technician needs to boot a PC from a USB drive. Which of the following settings should be disabled to accomplish this task?

A. Fast Boot

B. UEFI Admin Password

C. Secure Boot

D. Legacy Boot

Answer: C

Q123. A technician is planning on running multimode fiber and only needs the fiber runs to be 500 feet (152 meters) in distance. Which of the following connectors should the technician use?




D. F

Answer: C

Q124. Which of the following expansion slots is MOST commonly used for high-end video cards?





Answer: B


A customer, Ann, has requested two custom PCs. one to be used for gaming and the other to be used as a virtualization workstation for her business. The gaming PC should support the latest games and gaming peripherals. The virtualization workstation should be able to host several production virtual machines as part of Ann's home business.

Instructions: Use the tabs at the top to switch between the PCs. Objects should be placed on the appropriate slot/display areas and can only be used once. All slot/display areas should be filled. Once the simulation is complete, select the done button to submit.


Latest 220-901 actual exam:

Q126. A user reports the inability to access a company server using the FTP protocol. A technician finds other ports to the server seem to work normally. The technician has determined the problem is an incorrectly configured software firewall on the user’s machine. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause?

A. Incoming connections on port 445 are blocked.

B. Outgoing connections on port 443 are blocked.

C. Incoming connections on port 143 are blocked.

D. Outgoing connections on port 80 are blocked.

E. Outgoing connections on port 21 are blocked.

Answer: E

Q127. A customer states that when booting up the workstation, there is a message that says “no operating system detected”; then, it continues to boot into the operating system. The customer is preparing to modify files on a USB drive. Which of the following should a technician perform to resolve the problem?

A. Reinstall the operating system to reinstall the hardware drivers.

B. Modify the boot.ini within the operating system.

C. Modify the boot sequence within the UEFI.

D. Disable the TPM chip to turn off data encryption.

Answer: C

Q128. On an ATX motherboard, the 4-pin auxiliary power connector provides which of the following?

A. Additional power to onboard devices

B. Additional power to PCIx peripheral cards

C. Additional power to the South Bridge

D. Additional power to the CPU voltage regulator

Answer: D

Q129. Which of the following memory types is primarily used in laptops?





Answer: D

Q130. A technician is working on a laptop with a failed Ethernet port caused by ESD. Which of the following is the simplest solution to restore network connectivity?

A. Re-solder the network connector

B. Replace the Ethernet daughter board

C. Update the Ethernet driver

D. Enable wireless and connect to the WAP

Answer: D