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2017 Mar 220-901 free exam questions

Q131. Which of the following devices is primarily intended to provide 24/7 diagnostic and biometric data regarding the user?

A. Fitness monitor

B. e-Reader

C. Smartwatch

D. Smartphone

Answer: A

Q132. After receiving a call from an executive, a technician walks into a meeting room to find that the projector is not showing the screen of the executive’s laptop. The projector shows a message that reads “No video signal”. Which of the following is the FIRST thing that the technician should do?

A. Adjust the laptop's screen brightness

B. Replace the projector's bulb

C. Verify the VGA cable is connected

D. Ensure secondary display is enabled

Answer: C


Drag and drop the IP address next to the appropriate description.


Q134. Ann, a user, wants to host a gaming server on her SOHO network. Which of the following features on the SOHO router would need to be configured?

A. Channels


C. Port forwarding

D. Firmware

Answer: C

Q135. Which of the following is an advantage of using static IP addresses for a business?

A. High availability

B. Simplifies IP management

C. Lower security risk

D. Scalability for upgrades

Answer: A

Abreast of the times 220-901 exam topics:

Q136. A network administrator has a requirement to implement a WiFi hot-spot for the public. Which of the following should be used for secure access?


B. WPA2 and AES

C. WPA and static IPs

D. WPA2 and MAC filtering

Answer: B

Q137. A technician is setting up a printer in a training room. The trainer needs to be able to print multiple copies of the training documentation for the classes. Which of the following should the technician configure on the printer to facilitate this?

A. Scanning

B. Collating

C. Faxing

D. Duplexing

Answer: B

Q138. Which of the following external ports would a technician use to connect a keyboard? (Select TWO).


B. IEEE 1394


D. PS/2


Answer: C,D

Q139. Which of the following would need to be enabled on a mobile phone to share its Internet connection with multiple devices simultaneously?


B. Bluetooth

C. Hotspot

D. Tethering

Answer: C

Q140. Which of the following ports is typically used for sending email?

A. 21

B. 22

C. 23

D. 25

Answer: D