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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

Which two functions can SIEM provide? (Choose Two)

A. Correlation between logs and events from multiple systems.

B. event aggregation that allows for reduced log storage requirements.

C. proactive malware analysis to block malicious traffic.

D. dual-factor authentication.

E. centralized firewall management.

Answer: A,C

New Questions 6

What encryption technology has broadest platform support

A. hardware

B. middleware

C. Software

D. File level

Answer: C

New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit.

All ports on switch 1 have a primary VLAN of 300. Which devices can host 1 reach?

A. Host 2

B. Server

C. Host 4

D. Other devices within VLAN 303

Answer: B

New Questions 8

which will auto-nat process first (the focus is on auto-nat)

A. dynamic Nat shortest prefix

B. dynamic nat longest prefix

C. static nat shortest prefix

D. static nat longest prefix

Answer: D

New Questions 9

Which description of the nonsecret numbers that are used to start a Diffie-Hellman exchange is true?

A. They are large pseudorandom numbers.

B. They are very small numbers chosen from a table of known values

C. They are numeric values extracted from hashed system hostnames.

D. They are preconfigured prime integers

Answer: D

New Questions 10

For what reason would you configure multiple security contexts on the ASA firewall?

A. To separate different departments and business units.

B. To enable the use of VRFs on routers that are adjacently connected.

C. To provide redundancy and high availability within the organization.

D. To enable the use of multicast routing and QoS through the firewall.

Answer: A

New Questions 11

Which option is a key security component of an MDM deployment?

A. using MS-CHAPv2 as the primary EAP method.

B. using self-signed certificates to validate the server.

C. using network-specific installer packages

D. using an application tunnel by default.

Answer: B

New Questions 12

What IPSec mode is used to encrypt traffic between a server and VPN endpoint?

A. tunnel

B. Trunk

C. Aggregated

D. Quick

E. Transport

Answer: E

New Questions 13

Which option describes information that must be considered when you apply an access list to a physical interface?

A. Protocol used for filtering

B. Direction of the access class

C. Direction of the access group

D. Direction of the access list

Answer: C

New Questions 14

What is an advantage of placing an IPS on the inside of a network?

A. It can provide higher throughput.

B. It receives traffic that has already been filtered.

C. It receives every inbound packet.

D. It can provide greater security.

Answer: B

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