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New LPI 201-450 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

What is the full path to the directory which contains the scripts (or links to the original scripts) to run while the system boots to SysV-init runlevel 2?


/etc/rc2.d, /etc/rc2.d/, /etc/init.d/rc2.d, /etc/init.d/rc2.d/

New Questions 4

According to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), what is the path to the Linux kernel source and may be a symbolic link to the real Linux source code? (Please specify the full path with no version information.)


/usr/src/linux, /usr/src/linux/

New Questions 5

What is the minimum number of disks required in a fully redundant RAID5 array?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

E. 5

Answer: C

New Questions 6

Which files are updated as devices are mounted and unmounted to provide information on the currently

mounted devices and the options used? (Choose TWO correct answers.)

A. /proc/dtab

B. /etc/mtab

C. /etc/fstab

D. /proc/mounts

E. /proc/devices

Answer: BD

New Questions 7

Which file in /proc contains information on the status of local software RAID devices?

A. /proc/raidstat

B. /proc/mdstat

C. /proc/raidstatus

D. /proc/mdstatus

E. /proc/raid/status

Answer: B

New Questions 8

A system with SysV-init has a service installed called apache2. Which file controls the start and stop of this service and is referenced by the various runlevel directories?

A. /etc/init.d/apache2

B. /etc/rc2.d/70apache2

C. /etc/rc2.d/apache2

D. /etc/rc2.d/apache2.start

Answer: A

New Questions 9

How can the label root be added to the ext2 filesystem on /dev/sda1?

A. relabel /dev/sda1 root

B. tune2fs -L root /dev/sda1

C. echo 'root' > /proc/fs/sda1/label

D. labelfs --device /dev/sda1 root

Answer: B

New Questions 10

Which of the following is a CD-ROM filesystem standard?

A. OSI9660

B. ISO9660


D. ISO8859


Answer: B

New Questions 11

What happens if the Linux kernel can't mount the root filesystem when booting?

A. An error message is shown and the administrator is asked by the kernel to specify a valid root filesystem to continue the boot process.

B. An error message is shown and the system reboots after a keypress.

C. An error message is shown and the system boots in maintenance mode.

D. An error message is shown showing which device couldn't be mounted or informing that init couldn't be found.

E. An error message is shown stating that the corresponding kernel module couldn't be loaded.

Answer: D

New Questions 12

If all of the following files and/or symlinks exist in a SysV-init runlevel directory, which of the following will be executed first when booting the system directly into the runlevel?

A. S99lpi

B. K99lpi

C. PRE-S99lpi

D. S98lpi

E. S99a-lpi

Answer: D

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