Exam Code: cisco 200 355 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: WIFUND Implementing Cisco Wireless Network Fundamentals
Certification Provider: Cisco
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New Cisco 200-355 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 15 - Question 24)

New Questions 15

Due to the terrain, a deployment requires a point-to-point wireless bridge to allow for network connectivity to a remote building. What 5GHz band would permitted to use the highest power in the U.S.?

A. U-NII-3

B. U-NII-2 Extended

C. U-NII-2

D. U-NII-1

Answer: A

New Questions 16

The existing Cisco Unified Wireless Controller is running version 7.0 code for both the controllers and the Cisco WCS. A controller has been configured with an appropriate rogue rule condition to report discovered APs to the Cisco WCS.

Which default alarm level is used to display all rogue APs in the Alarm Summary?

A. Critical

B. Flash

C. Urgent

D. Major

E. Minor

Answer: E

New Questions 17

What is Cisco WCS Navigator?

A. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WCS servers

B. a server for storing and reviewing Cisco Spectrum Expert station data

C. a server for storing the location data of wireless clients

D. a GUI for displaying the data of Cisco CleanAir APs, aligned with an uploaded map

E. a single point of management for multiple Cisco WLC systems

Answer: A

New Questions 18

What two capabilities would be present on a wireless client device that supports CCXv3? (Choose two.)


B. 802.1x





Answer: A,B

New Questions 19

Following a WLC upgrade you want to check what version of code the access point is running. Where can you find this information?

A. CLI > show sysinfo

B. GUI > Monitor > Software Version

C. CLI > show running configuration

D. GUI > Wireless > Access point > General

Answer: C

New Questions 20

Which two are considered as characteristics of the original 802.11 protocol? (Choose two.)

A. Defined DSSS and FHSS as possible methods for modulation

B. Designed to operate in the 5 GHz ISM frequency spectrum

C. The most common deployment is three non-overlapping channels that are 20 MHz wide

D. Defined FHSS and OFDM as possible methods for modulation

Answer: A,C


Which two ports are used by default when configuring RADIUS for external authentication? (Choose two )

A. 1813

B. 1846

C. 1645

D. 1812

E. 1845

F. 1646

New Questions 21

Refer to the exhibit.

You made a manual configuration change to a controller and now you need to compare the controller configuration seen on Cisco WCS to the configuration that is present in the controller.

Which menu can you use to do compare the configurations?

A. Reports

B. Monitor

C. Configure

D. Services

E. Administration

F. Tools

Answer: C

New Questions 22

The administrator has noticed that the configuration on a controller is different than in Cisco WCS. How can the administrator fix this issue?

A. The configuration can be copied from the controller to the Cisco WCS or from the WCS to the controller.

B. The configuration can be copied only from the Cisco WCS to the controller.

C. The configuration can be copied only from the controller to the Cisco WCS.

D. The controller must be removed from the Cisco WCS and then added again.

Answer: A

New Questions 23

What 802.1x role is responsible for moving a port to the authorized state?

A. Supplicant

B. Authenticator

C. Authentication Server

D. RADIUS Server

Answer: B

New Questions 24

You are configuring SNMPv1/v2c on a WLC. What should you do for improved security?

A. Remove the default SNMPv1 community.

B. Remove the default SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 communities.

C. Remove the default SNMPv2 community.

D. Remove the default SNMPv3 users.

Answer: B

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