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Q51. What two AP configurations will show RF prediction on maps in WCS? (Choose two.) 

A. Lightweight APs with internal antennas 

B. Lightweight APs with external Cisco antennas 

C. Lightweight APs with external 3rd Party antennas 

D. Autonomous APs with internal antennas 

E. Autonomous APs with external Cisco antennas 

F. Autonomous APs with external 3rd Party antennas 

Answer: A,B 

Q52. An engineer is gathering information for a wireless survey of a hospital. What three pieces of information must be collected for an active survey to assess the outcome best suited for the facility? (Choose three.) 

A. presence of microwave ovens 

B. number of patients that are at the facility 

C. utilization of Location Services or voice applications 

D. floor plans of adjacent facilities 

E. use of wireless for secure records 

F. spectrum analysis to locate all the computer work stations 

G. existing Network Switch types and model numbers 

H. type of devices present on the new wireless network 

Answer: A,C,H 

Q53. An engineer wants to setup WPA2 Enterprise using EAP-TLS and a remote RADIUS server. What device(s) would the engineer specify the EAP type on? 

A. the supplicant and authentication server 

B. the supplicant and authenticator 

C. the authenticator and authentication server 

D. the supplicant only 

E. the authentication server only 


Q54. When a wireless guest network is implemented using auto-anchor mobility in a controller-based wireless network, which controller is responsible for a guest client's IP address and their security configuration? 

A. any controller that supports the same VLAN 

B. foreign controller 

C. anchor controller 

D. master controller 

E. RF group master controller 


Q55. After you configure the Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller v7.6, a customer requests an SSID that allows for client web authentication with email input. Which authentication method should be used? 

A. pass-through 

B. authentication 

C. splash page web redirect 

D. conditional web redirect 

E. on MAC filter failure 


Q56. When deploying a Cisco Cloud Wireless Infrastructure, what two destination ports must be open? (Choose two.) 

A. TCP/5246 

B. UDP/5246 

C. TCP/5247 

D. UDP/5247 

E. TCP/7351 

F. UDP/7351 

G. TCP/7734 

H. UDP/7734 

Answer: F,G 

Q57. Which protocol is used for Cisco WCS to communicate with Cisco WLC? 






Q58. What is the purpose of the Log Analysis tab on the Client Troubleshooting page in Cisco WCS? 

A. After you click start, the tab shows debug information for the client that is trying to re-associate. 

B. The tab searches the logs for similar problems of other clients and generates a report. 

C. The tab generates a report from historical logs for the client that is having problems. 

D. The tab shows logs from the past hour for the client that is having problems. 


Q59. What are the interface statuses of a lightweight AP working in rogue-detection mode? 

A. radios turned off, Ethernet interface up 

B. radios and Ethernet interfaces up 

C. radios turned on, Ethernet interface shut down 

D. radios turned on, Ethernet interface status controlled by Cisco WLC 


Q60. The Cisco WCS administrator wants to create an accurate RF heat map based on RF prediction data. Which statement about map creation in Cisco WCS is true? 

A. The administrator must manually add walls, doors, and windows to the map. 

B. Cisco WCS automatically detects walls, doors, and windows and adds them to the map, but only when Cisco WCS Navigator is available. 

C. Cisco WCS automatically detects walls, doors, and windows and adds them to the map, but only when a Cisco 3300 Series MSE is available. 

D. All walls, doors, and windows must be included in the file that is uploaded as a background map.