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2017 Apr 200-355 book

Q31. What are three primary components that describe TKIP? (Choose three.) 

A. broadcast key rotation 

B. dynamic WEP 

C. message integrity check 

D. per-packet key hashing 

E. symmetric key cipher 

F. WPA2 enterprise mode 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q32. Which RRM feature allows an access point to avoid non-IEEE 802.11 interference? 



C. RF groups 

D. coverage hole detection 


Q33. A controller is connected to a Cisco Catalyst switch. The switch port configuration looks like this: 

interface GigabitEthernet 1/0/10 


switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q 

switchport trunk allowed vlan 1,20,30,50 

switchport trunk native vlan 20 

switchport mode trunk 

Which controller CLI command assigns its management interface to the native VLAN interface of the Cisco Catalyst switch? 

A. config interface vlan management 0 

B. config interface vlan management 1 

C. config interface vlan management 20 

D. config interface vlan management 30 

E. config interface vlan management 50 


Q34. Old 2.4-GHz wireless laptops are unable to connect. What is the most likely cause of this problem? 

A. WLAN > General properties are incorrectly configured. 

B. WLAN > QoS properties are incorrectly configured. 

C. WLAN > Security properties are incorrectly configured. 

D. WLAN > Advanced properties are incorrectly configured. 

E. Wireless > AP > 802.11 b/g/n AP is incorrectly configured. 

F. Wireless > AP > 802.11 b/g/n > Network is incorrectly configured. 


Q35. Refer to the exhibit. 

Which option must be chosen if only the WPA is needed? 


B. Static-WEP + 802.1X 

C. 802.1X 



Avant-garde 200-355 simulations:

Q36. What is the maximum number of access points supported on Cisco WCS with an enterprise license? 

A. 5,000 

B. 10,000 

C. 50,000 

D. 100,000 


Q37. Access points must discover a wireless LAN controller before they can become an active part of the network. In which order does an access point try to discover a controller? 

A. Layer 3 CAPWAP or LWAPP broadcast discovery DHCP option 43 Locally stored controller IP address discovery DNS controller name resolution 

B. Layer 3 CAPWAP or LWAPP broadcast discovery Locally stored controller IP address discovery DNS controller name resolution DHCP option 43 

C. Layer 3 CAPWAP or LWAPP broadcast discovery Locally stored controller IP address discovery DHCP option 43 DNS controller name resolution 

D. DNS controller name resolution DHCP option 43 Layer 3 CAPWAP or LWAPP broadcast discovery Locally stored controller IP address discovery 


Q38. Which single tool helps to troubleshoot client-related issues in a WLAN? 

A. The show and debug commands on the controller. 

B. The show commands on the AP. 

C. Client templates on the Cisco WCS. 

D. Client troubleshooting on the Cisco WCS. 


Q39. Which two pieces of information are needed for the wireless client to connect to the wireless network? (Choose two.) 


B. security settings 

C. channel number 

D. AP name 

Answer: A,B 

Q40. A Cisco WCS administrator has marked an alarm as acknowledged. For how many days does Cisco WCS prevent the alarm from reappearing, even if the source of the alarm reoccurs? 

A. 1 

B. 7 

C. 10 

D. 30