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2017 Mar 200-355 test question

Q141. A WLAN deployment uses a combination of Cisco Aironet 1260 APs and multiple Cisco 5500 Wireless LAN Controllers to provide wireless LAN access to end-users. The network administrator has decided to use DHCP Option 43 to enable the APs to discover the wireless LAN controllers. 

When configuring the DHCP scope, which format should be used for the Cisco WLC addresses? 

A. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses 

B. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC management addresses 

C. a comma-separated ASCII string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses 

D. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC AP-manager addresses 

E. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC management addresses 

F. a hexadecimal string of Cisco WLC virtual IP addresses 


Q142. What is the EIRP value for a transmitter that has a transmitter capable of 15 dBm, an antenna that has a gain of 12 dBi, and a cable that connects the transmitter to the antenna that has 1 db loss? 

A. 26 dBm 

B. 100 mW 

C. .86 dBm 

D. 165 dBm 

E. 1000 mW 


Q143. Which governing body analyzes the applications and environments in which wireless networks are used? 





E. WiFi Alliance 


Q144. Which module does the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client integrate into the AnyConnect client package for access to both wired and wireless networks? 

A. Network Access Manager 

B. Telemetry 

C. Web Security 



Q145. Which action secures the SNMPv2C protocol in a Cisco WLC? 

A. configure new communities and disable default communities 

B. use digital certificates to authenticate and encrypt transmissions 

C. enable password or transfer encryption 

D. set a username and difficult-to-guess password 


Renovate 200-355 exam:

Q146. Which two features are available in the Cisco WCS Plus license over the base license? (Choose two.) 

A. ad hoc rogue detection 

B. high availability between two Cisco WCS stations 

C. mobility service engine management 

D. auto discovery and containment or notification of rogue APs 

E. client location to the nearest AP 

Answer: B,C 

Q147. An engineer wants to set up guest wireless that requires users to log in via a splash page prior to accessing the network. Which authentication method should be configured? 



C. local authentication 

D. WebAuth 



Q148. You have a small organization with multiple Cisco WCS servers. Management has become cumbersome and you are planning to deploy Cisco WCS Navigator. 

When the Cisco WCS Navigator has been deployed, how are the existing Cisco WCS servers added to the Cisco WCS Navigator, which software versions are supported, and which protocol(s) do they use to communicate with Navigator? 

A. Cisco WCS Navigator searches the enterprise intranet to locate the existing Cisco WCS servers and adds them automatically using SOAP as long as there is only a difference of one version or less between Cisco WCS and WCS Navigator. 

B. Each existing Cisco WCS server must be added manually and use SOAP/HTTP to communicate with the Cisco WCS Navigator platform as long as the software versions of Cisco WCS and Cisco WCS Navigator are the same. 

C. Cisco WCS must be on the same software version as Cisco WCS Navigator and each Cisco WCS server is added automatically using XML over HTTP. 

D. When Cisco WCS Navigator is added, all the Cisco WCS servers must be added manually, each system must use the same software release as Navigator, and the Cisco WCS communicates with Cisco WCS Navigator by using SOAP/XML over HTTPS. 


Q149. Refer to the exhibit. 

If Cisco WCS version 7.0 needs to have APs added, relocated, or removed on a respective map, which menu leads to the correct location to make that adjustment? 

A. Security 

B. Monitor 

C. Configure 

D. Services 

E. Administration 

F. Tools 


Q150. A customer wants to deploy Cisco Cloud Wireless architecture with 802.11ac capabilities. 

Which access points would meet the customers’ requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco 3700 Access Points 

B. Cisco MR34 Access Points 

C. Cisco MR18 Access Points 

D. Cisco 3600 Access Points 

E. Cisco MR72 Access Points 

F. Cisco 1570 Access Points 

G. Cisco MR26 Access Points 

Answer: B,E