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Q61. An engineer receives a resource utilization alert on a router. What command should be used to investigate the issue? 

A. show processes cpu 

B. show memory 

C. show running-config 

D. show version 


Q62. When designing a new enterprise campus network, what topology should be used for maximum scalability? 

A. flat 

B. three-layer 

C. star 

D. partial mesh 

E. full mesh 


Q63. Which design is the recommended geometric design for routed topologies? 

A. linear 

B. triangular 

C. rectangular 

D. circular 


Q64. What characteristic separates link state routing protocols from a distance vector? 

A. creates a topological view of the entire network 

B. path calculation utilizes a more granular metric 

C. does not scale well for large networks 

D. constantly shares link state updates throughout the topology 


Q65. What are three valid methods of gathering information about an existing data network? (Choose three.) 

A. Use organizational input. 

B. Perform a traffic analysis. 

C. Analyze the user-mapping of a running application. 

D. Perform a packet-level audit to verify carrier service guarantees. 

E. Perform a network audit to gather more detail about the network. 

F. Use reports that analyze the metrics of the customer's existing network. 

Answer: A,B,E 

Q66. The evolution of the Data Center is best represented by the 3.0 architecture component of virtualization. Which of the following is not an example of the virtualization taking place in the Data Center? 

A. Virtualized media access utilizing Fiber Channel over Ethernet 

B. VLANs and virtual storage area networks (VSANs) provide for virtualized LAN and SAN connectivity, separating physical networks and equipment into virtual entities 

C. Virtual Machines that run an application within the client operating system, which is further virtualized and running on common hardware 

D. Storage devices virtualized into storage pools, and network devices are virtualized using device contexts 


Q67. Which Cisco Wireless LAN Controller interface is used for out-of-band management? 

A. service port 

B. management port 

C. controller port 

D. virtual port 


Q68. At which layer of the network is route summarization recommended? 

A. data link layer 

B. core layer 

C. distribution layer 

D. access layer 



Drag the characteristics of the traditional campus network on the left to the most appropriate hierarchical network layer on the right. 


Q70. Which three layers comprise the traditional hierarchical model? (Choose three.) 

A. core layer 

B. distribution layer 

C. access layer 

D. aggregation layer 

E. network layer 

F. Internet layer 

Answer: A,B,C