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Q91. You are designing a network that requires a routing protocol that will use minimal network bandwidth. Which would satisfy this requirement? 

A. RIPv2 

B. RIPng 





Q92. An organization is conducting an evaluation on the migration to IPv6 within the enterprise network and has requested clarification on recommended migration strategies. What three migration models would accomplish the organization's goal? (Choose three.) 

A. Dual Stack 

B. Service Block 

C. Top-Down 

D. Hybrid 

E. Tunneled 

F. Fork-Lift 

Answer: A,B,D 

Q93. Which two link state routing protocols support IPv6 routing? (Choose two.) 

A. BGP4+ 


C. RIPng 



Answer: B,E 

Q94. What part of the network does a top-down network design focus on for solution development? 

A. presentation 

B. hardware 

C. session 

D. application 

E. data link 

F. transport 


Q95. Which three service categories are supported by an ISR? (Choose three.) 

A. voice 

B. security 

C. data 

D. Internet 

E. storage 

F. satellite 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q96. In which phase of PPDIOO are the network requirements identified? 

A. Design 

B. Plan 

C. Prepare 

D. Implement 

E. Operate 

F. Optimize 



Plan Phase 

The Plan phase identifies the network requirements based on goals, facilities, and user needs. This phase characterizes sites and assesses the network, performs a gap analysis against best-practice architectures, and looks at the operational environment. A project plan is developed to manage the tasks, responsible parties, milestones, and resources to do the design and implementation. The project plan aligns with the scope, cost, and resource parameters established with the original business requirements. This project plan is followed (and updated) during all phases of the cycle. 

Q97. What routing configuration can prevent routing loops between IGPs? 

A. route filters 

B. route reflectors 

C. auto summarization 

D. virtual links 


Q98. Which three are valid Layer 2 access designs? (Choose three.) 

A. Looped Triangle 

B. Looped Square 

C. Looped U 

D. Loop-Free Triangle 

E. Loop-Free Square 

F. Loop-Free U 

Answer: A,B,F 

Q99. Which two enterprise campus layers are combined in a medium-sized LAN? (Choose two.) 

A. core 

B. distribution 

C. access 

D. backbone 

E. aggregation 

Answer: A,B 

Q100. Which three modular components are part of the Cisco Enterprise Edge Architecture? (Choose three.) 

A. e-commerce module 

B. Internet connectivity module 

C. server farm module 

D. remote access and VPN module 

E. PSTN services module 

F. enterprise branch module 

G. building distribution module 

Answer: A,B,D