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New Cisco 200-125 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

Q10. Which process is associated with spanning-tree convergence?

A. determining the path cost

B. electing designated ports

C. learning the sender bridge ID

D. assigning the port ID

Answer: B


Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) convergence (Layer 2 convergence) happens when bridges and switches have transitioned to either the forwarding or blocking state. When layer 2 is converged, Root Switch is elected andRoot Ports,Designated PortsandNon-Designated portsin all switches are selected. At Converged condition, theRoot Portsand the Designated ports are in forwarding state, and all other ports are in blocking state.

Q11. Which option is the benefit of implementing an intelligent DNS for a cloud computing solution?

A. It reduces the need for a backup data center.

B. It can redirect user requests to locations that are using fewer network resources.

C. It enables the ISP to maintain DNS records automatically.

D. It eliminates the need for a GSS.

Answer: B

Q12. Which type of routing protocol operates by using first information from each device peers?

A. link-state protocols

B. distance-vector protocols

C. path-vector protocols

D. exterior gateway protocols

Answer: A

Q13. At which layer of the OSI model does the protocol that provides the information that is displayed by the show cdp neighbors command operate?

A. data link

B. application

C. network

D. transport

E. physical

Answer: A

Q14. Which command can you enter to block HTTPS traffic from the whole class A private network range to a host?

A. R1(config)#access-list 105 deny tcp eq 443

B. R1(config)#access-list 105 deny tcp eq 53

C. R1(config)#access-list 105 deny tcp eq 53

D. R1(config)#access-list 105 deny tcp eq 443

Answer: D

Q15. Refer to the exhibit.

After you apply the given configuration to arouter, the DHCP clients behind the device connot communicate with hosts outside of their subnet. Which action is most likely to correct the problem?

A. Configure the dns server on the same subnet as the clients

B. Activate the dhcp pool

C. Correct the subnet mask

D. configure the default gateway

Answer: D

Q16. Which type of secure MAC address must be configured manually?

A. static

B. dynamic

C. sticky

D. bia

Answer: A

Q17. How does a router handle an incoming packet whose destination network is missing from the routing table?

A. it discards the packet.

B. it broadcasts the packet to each network on the router.

C. it routes the packet to the default route.

D. it broadcasts the packet to each interface on the router.

Answer: A

Q18. Refer to the exhibit.

If the resume command is entered after the sequence that is shown in the exhibit, which router prompt will be displayed?

A. Router2#

B. Router2>

C. Router1#

D. Router1>

Answer: B

Q19. What are three advantages of vlans ?

A. They provide a method of conserving ip addresses in large networks

B. They provide a low latency internetworking alternative to routed networks

C. they utilize packet filtering to enhance network security

D. They establish broadcast domains in switched networks

E. They allow access to network services based on department not physical localtion

F. They can simplify adding moving or changing hosts on the network

Answer: D,E,F