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Your customer has three service request child categories under the top-level service request category “Accounts”:
• Gold Accounts
• Sliver Accounts
• Basic Accounts
You now want to disable the "Silver Accounts' category. Which option meets the requirement?

  • A. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Child Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and deselect the "Active" Column.
  • B. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Silver Accounts" Category and expand It, click the "Inactive" button.
  • C. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service Request Categories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Gold Accounts" and "Basic Accounts" child categories and click the "Inactive" button.
  • D. In Setup and maintenance > Service > Setup > Service Request > Manage Service RequestCategories, search for the "Accounts" Category and expand it, select the "Silver Accounts" child category and deselect the "Active" Column.

Answer: B

Which three statements are true?

  • A. Oracle Engagement Cloud shares a common customization toolset including Sandboxes, Application Composer, Page Composer and Groovy scripting, with Oracle Sales Cloud and other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • B. Oracle Engagement Cloud shares a common data model with Oracle Sales Cloud and other Oracle Cloud Applications.
  • C. Like other Oracle Cloud Applications, Engagement Cloud provides SOAP APIs to integrate with other services.
  • D. Like other Oracle Cloud Applications, Engagement Cloud provides REST APIs to integrate with other service

Answer: BCD

You need to extract all Service Request (SR) data from your Engagement Cloud site from the last 12 months. Identify two valid approaches to get this large volume of data.

  • A. You can schedule a single export as an ESS job (also known as a "scheduled process") for ail 12 months of SR data.
  • B. You can schedule incremental exports as ESS jobs (also known as a "scheduled process") on a periodic basis, such as weekly or monthly.
  • C. You can download image volumes of SR data from the Analytics interface.
  • D. You must retrieve large volumes of data through a REST API endpoin

Answer: CD

Your customer sells a wide variety of Mobile phones. To classify service requests efficiently you plan to create a new primary category called Mobile Phones.
Which four steps are required to define this new category?

  • A. Complete Category Name.
  • B. Check the Active flag.
  • C. Select the task Manage Service Request Categories.
  • D. Select Service Catalog in Functional Areas.
  • E. Select Status =“Active”.
  • F. Select Create Category > Create Top-Level Category.
  • G. Select Create Category > Create Child Categor

Answer: CEFG

Immediately after your production deployment of Engagement Cloud your users report that the media toolbar is not being displayed.
Which are two reasons for this behavior?

  • A. The only toolbar enabled is the default one, and you must configure at least two.
  • B. You entered a toolbar height that is not more than 70 pixels.
  • C. The signed-in user does not have the appropriate access privileges to a toolbar.
  • D. You have not enabled the Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) service.
  • E. You did not enable the vertical toolbar which is required, while the horizontal Is optiona

Answer: DE

A service agent can create tasks from different system areas. Identify three modules where a service agent can create and associate tasks.

  • A. Contacts
  • B. Service requests
  • C. Sales opportunities
  • D. Notes
  • E. Social network

Answer: BCE

Your customer wants their milestones to only be due during working hours on weekdays. What characteristics of the Coverage Times must be configured?

  • A. The customer must configure at least one interval for every day from Monday to Friday.
  • B. The customer must set the time zone to UTC
  • C. The customer must configure a lunch break on weekdays.
  • D. The customer can optionally configure intervals for Saturday and Sunda

Answer: A

You have just created a new Digital Customer Service (DCS) application and now you need to add a user-registration option.
Which three steps should you perform to configure user self-registration in your DCS application?

  • A. Configure your self-registrations so that they are automatically approved.
  • B. Configure the self-registrations to restrict registration to only existing Contacts.
  • C. Disable the anonymous access option in your DCS application.
  • D. Enable the self-registration steps in the "Manage Digital Customer Service Registration Profile Options" tas

Answer: ABC

Your Engagement Cloud site has had the Knowledge function enabled. Your internal users want to author articles. Unfortunately, they cannot find the option to create new articles.
What option could cause this problem?

  • A. The Base Locale for the articles has not been enabled in the correct language.
  • B. The "Show article snippet in search and recommend" option has not been selected in the task "Manage Administrator Profile Values".
  • C. The User Group selected for authoring articles has been set to "External".
  • D. Users have not been given the "Knowledge Analyst" rol

Answer: D

Milestones are not getting applied to service requests in the customer environment. Identify three causes.

  • A. Entitlement rules are not valid for the service request.
  • B. The Starts When criteria of the milestone is not True.
  • C. The scheduled process has not been set up.
  • D. No default coverages are set u

Answer: BCD

Milestones are a key component of Service Entitlements. Identify three correct options regarding milestones.

  • A. Milestones can be configured to start, pause, or complete based on a complex expression with AND, OR, and parentheses.
  • B. Milestones are customizable by an administrator to include any number of organization-specific milestone types.
  • C. Milestones are actions on a service request (SR) that must be completed by a specific time.
  • D. Milestones are commitments to handle SRs within certain timelines.
  • E. Milestones can be one of four default types: 'First Response', 'Second Response’, 'Final Action', and 'Resolution'.

Answer: ABE

One of your service agents needs a new search filter on his Service Requests' list page. How can the agent achieve this?

  • A. Create several personalized searches and relate them to each other.
  • B. Grant the agent Administrator permissions to add new search filters.
  • C. Create a new search through the application composer.
  • D. Add fields from the advanced search functionalit

Answer: C

You have been asked to manage the availability of Knowledge articles. The requirement is that agents, internal users, and external users should all have a way of accessing the articles.
Which three options achieve your customer's requirement?

  • A. Make them available internally to agents as part of the Service Request Knowledge Panel.
  • B. Make them available to external users by giving them access to the internal “My Knowledge”
  • C. Make them available to employees and agents via My Knowledge.
  • D. Make them available for users with the "Knowledge Analyst" and "Knowledge Manager" roles only.
  • E. Make them available externally to customers via Digital Customer Service (DCS).

Answer: CDE

You are creating a shared SmartText entry. Which option do you need to select to define a time period during which the entry is available to users?

  • A. Start/Stop
  • B. Duration
  • C. Time Period
  • D. Available
  • E. Interval

Answer: B

Which two options are true about repotting on milestones?

  • A. No standard reports on milestones are provided.
  • B. Administrator-defined milestone data is not included in Analytics.
  • C. An as-delivered SLA Info let shows near-overdue and overdue milestones.
  • D. Milestone reporting is performed via the CRM Service Request Real-Time subject are

Answer: BC

You created two assignment rules for service requests using the Use Score option. For some service requests both rules return a result with the same total points.
What will be the expected result in the assignment of a queue for these service requests?

  • A. An error will occur; no queue is assigned to the service request.
  • B. The service request assignment will be unpredictable.
  • C. The queue defined in the first evaluated rule is always assigned to the service request.
  • D. The queue defined by default is the one assigned to the service reques

Answer: C

What four actions do the as-delivered Service Request components included in a Digital Customer Service (DCS) application enable a DCS user to do?

  • A. Add a message to a Service Request.
  • B. Create a Service Request.
  • C. Chat with an Agent about a Service Request.
  • D. View and edit attachments to a Service Request.
  • E. Delete a Service Reques

Answer: BCDE

Your client has already established a product catalog of sales products and now wants to include service products to categorize service requests. You suggest the creation of a new catalog.
What are two advantages of creating a new service catalog instead of using an existing one?

  • A. allows use of a simpler hierarchy
  • B. allows the display of a product hierarchy specifically for service purposes
  • C. allows you to use the same product hierarchy as sales
  • D. requires less work and effort

Answer: CD

What is the main function of the Data Security Policies?

  • A. defines the views or functionalities the user can access
  • B. defines the data a particular user can see and/or modify
  • C. defines the privileges and roles a particular user can have
  • D. defines the actions a particular user can do
  • E. defines the views the application can access

Answer: A

Which two actions can you take when using Application Composer to create a new Trouble Ticket object?

  • A. You can set a field rule to validate that the Priority field of the Trouble Ticket object is between 1 and 5.
  • B. You can create a trigger on the Trouble Ticket object using the Upon Import into Database trigger event to update the custom "OpenTroubleTickets" of the Account object.
  • C. You can create a field rule or a field trigger on a field of the Trouble Ticket object but not both on the same field.
  • D. You can set an object rule to validate that a Trouble Ticket of Priority 1 cannot be saved without being assigned to a staff member.

Answer: AB

Your customer is asking for a modification of Lookup Types in Service Request.
You navigate to Setup and Maintenance > Service > Service Request, and click to display all tasks. Which four lookups can be modified from this task list?

  • A. Manage Service Request Queue
  • B. Manage Service Request Products
  • C. Manage Service Request Status Values
  • D. Manage Service Request Categories
  • E. Manage Service Request Resolutions
  • F. Manage Service Request Severities

Answer: ABCD

Which is the correct order of steps to add and use a new condition columns to the entitlement rules for a standard coverage?
1. Create a matrix class with the attribute.
2. Modify a service mapping and add the desired attribute.
3. Specify the values for new column in one or more entitlement rules.
4. Use the new/modified entitlement type in the standard coverage.
5. Include the attribute from the optional results columns to the available metrics.

  • A. 1, 2, 5, 3, 4
  • B. 2, 1, 4, 5, 3
  • C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • D. 2, 4, 1, 5, 3

Answer: D

What should you do to enable Password Reset in Digital Customer Service (DCS)?

  • A. Enable the "Password Reset" option in the User Administration component.
  • B. Obtain the Change Password Link and add it to your DCS page.
  • C. Add the Password Reset component to your DCS application.
  • D. Instruct users that they can only change their password by chatting with an agen

Answer: B

Which six Digital Service (DCS) parts can be modified using Visual Builder Cloud Service (VBCS)?

  • A. UI components
  • B. Themes
  • C. Object triggers
  • D. Business objects
  • E. Languages
  • F. Pages
  • G. Object workflows
  • H. Templates

Answer: BCDFGH

Which three types of data are included in the Interaction associated with a normal call flow?

  • A. Contact name
  • B. Channel
  • C. Service Request create date
  • D. Start time of the call
  • E. Agent name

Answer: ACE


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