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Which two are choices for the Satisfaction Method when defining a Performance Obligation Identification Rule?

  • A. require complete
  • B. allow partial
  • C. allow complete
  • D. require partial

Answer: AB

Revenue Management creates journal entries from a contract In order to recognize revenue properly. Which three event types are used by Revenue Management to create these journal entries?

  • A. Performance Obligation Satisfied
  • B. Performance Obligation Billed
  • C. Initial Performance
  • D. Revenue Recognized
  • E. Standalone Selling Prices Allocated

Answer: ACD

The Contracts Requiring Attention user Interface has three tabs: Pending Review, Pending Allocation, and Pending Revenue Recognition.
What would cause a contract to be In the Pending Review tab?

  • A. The total Transaction Price is over the user-defined threshold amount.
  • B. The contract is missing standalone selling prices at the promised detail level or at obligation level.
  • C. The contract is missing satisfaction events.
  • D. The contract is missing Billing dat

Answer: A

A corporation uses a pricing policy that considers deal size to calculate price per unit for its products. For example:
1Z0-974 dumps exhibit
Which Price Band Segment Label would be appropriate to use in this case?

  • A. Amount Band
  • B. Deal Size Band
  • C. Set Band
  • D. Quantity Band

Answer: A

What does a Variable Consideration require?

  • A. an estimate of the consideration be made at inception only
  • B. that the consideration be monetary
  • C. an estimate of the consideration be made at Inception, and corrections of the accrual at made at each period end until revenue Is recognized
  • D. a disclosure be made to the shareholders

Answer: A

Which configuration component is Source Document Type NOT connected to?

  • A. Revenue Management System Options
  • B. Performance Obligation Template
  • C. Contract Identification Rules
  • D. Revenue Price Profile
  • E. Performance Obligation Identification Rules

Answer: D

What are two major changes when comparing the new revenue recognition guidance under ASC 606 and IFRS 15 versus the old standard?

  • A. Revenue and performance obligation liabilities are not dependent on billing.
  • B. Revenue can be recognized for performance obligations only using the "Point in Time" approach.
  • C. Pricing estimates cannot be used In the absence of pricing data.
  • D. Expected consideration value is applicable to all industrie

Answer: AD

Which two are intended uses for the Standalone Selling Price Report Dashboard?

  • A. Review performance obligations by effective period.
  • B. Diagnose revenue price profile.
  • C. Drill down to data used to derive standalone selling prices.
  • D. Monitor transaction price calculation and allocation.
  • E. Analyze standalone selling prices for one or multiple effective period

Answer: CE

The predefined Revenue Contract Account Activities Report provides data extracted from which two sources?

  • A. Oracle Revenue Management Cloud
  • B. Oracle Receivables
  • C. Oracle General Ledger
  • D. Oracle Subledger Accounting

Answer: AC

Which statement does NOT describe how revenue is handled under the latest standards under ASC 606 and IFRS 15?

  • A. You accrue for goods and services that you owe to customers because either you or they have relied on the contrac
  • B. You no longer defer revenue.
  • C. You value the accrual at estimated consideration and it is a monetary debt.
  • D. You book the invoiced amount to the P&L when you meet the regulatory definition by Industry.
  • E. You calculate the liability at inception and book it when either party act
  • F. An Act could be shipping or invoicing.
  • G. Liability is a list of goods and services you actually owe to the customers for future satisfaction via transfer.

Answer: C

After analyzing sales documents for your organization, you conclude that it will be appropriate to group transaction lines by customer to create contracts In Revenue Management.
Which predefined Contract Identification Rule can be used in this case?

  • A. Identify Customer Contract Based on Party
  • B. Identify Customer Contract Based on Source Document Line
  • C. Identify Customer Contract Based on Source Document
  • D. Identify Customer Contract Based on Source System

Answer: A

Before uploading Estimated Standalone Selling Prices (SSP), you must populate a spreadsheet with some required data.
In addition to the SSP Value (price) and Currency, which two are required?

  • A. SSP Type
  • B. Pricing Dimension
  • C. Performance Obligation Template
  • D. Unit of Measure
  • E. Item Identifier

Answer: DE

Which three attributes are helpful in defining a Contract Identification Rule?

  • A. Product Description
  • B. Quote Number
  • C. Delivery Address
  • D. Bill To Customer
  • E. Ledger
  • F. Business Unit

Answer: ABD

Why are Source Document Type Codes required when defining Source Document Types?

  • A. Because they are Revenue Management Descriptive Flexfields.
  • B. Because they are needed for integration with Product Management.
  • C. Because they are needed for the VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS table to populate extensible attributes.
  • D. Because they provide uniqueness to the Source Document Type

Answer: D

Which is a term under ASC 606 or IFRS 15?

  • A. transaction price
  • B. promise detail
  • C. initial performance event
  • D. requires complete

Answer: B

A corporation does not have reliable historical Standalone Selling Prices stored In Its source systems. What option is available to help the corporation in this scenario?

  • A. Navigate to the "Manage Revenue Price Profiles" page and enter estimated prices manually in the browser user interface.
  • B. Load estimated prices to table VRM_SOURCE_DOCUMENTS using SQL script.
  • C. Navigate to the "Manage Revenue Price Profiles" page and download spreadsheet template to enter estimated prices manually.
  • D. Run the Calculate Observed Standalone Selling Prices program to derive price

Answer: C

Your organization Is selling a warranty plan to customers that covers appliances for one year. Revenue must be recognized gradually by month until the warranty expires.
Which Revenue Scheduling Rule Type needs to be defined for the Performance Satisfaction Plan?

  • A. Fixed Schedule
  • B. Variable Schedule
  • C. Daily Revenue Rate, All Periods
  • D. Daily Revenue Rate, Partial Periods
  • E. Partial Schedule
  • F. Daily Revenue Rate

Answer: A

The predefined Revenue Contract Account Activities report originally had only one output option of spreadsheet.
Which output option can you now also choose to assist In handling a large number of records?

  • A. HTML
  • B. PowerPoint
  • C. Flat File
  • D. PDF

Answer: C

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