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You have just executed a manual backup by using this command:
mysqlbackup –u root –p –-socket=/tmp/my.sock –-backup-dir=/my/backup/ backup The operation completed without error.
What is the state of this backup and operation required before it is ready to be restored?

  • A. Backup State = Compressed Backup Operation = copy-back
  • B. Backup State = Raw Backup Operation = apply-log
  • C. Backup State = Prepared Backup Operation = validate
  • D. Backup State = Prepared Backup Operation = apply-log
  • E. Backup State = Raw Backup Operation = backupdir-to-image

Answer: E

Which two statements are true regarding the creating of new MySQL physical and logical backups?

  • A. Physical backups can be used to recover from data corruption.
  • B. Logical backups are human-readable whereas physical backups are not.
  • C. Logical backups are always larger than physical backups.
  • D. Physical backups are usually slower than text backups.
  • E. Physical backups are usually faster than text backup

Answer: AE

A MySQL server was initialized with separate UNDO tablespaces. Users complain that when they roll back large transactions, the time to process the request takes too long. The DBA would like to move the MySQL InnoDB UNDO tablespace to a solid-state drive (SSD) for better performance. Is this possible and how?

  • A. Ye
  • B. Shut down the mysqld process, enable the transportable_tablespace option, and move the UNDO directory to the SSD.
  • C. Ye
  • D. Shut down, copy the UNDO tablespaces to the new location, and change the innodb_undo_directory value in your my.cnf.
  • E. N
  • F. The UNDO tablespaces must remain on the same file system as the system tablespaces.
  • G. N
  • H. The sequential write pattern of the UNDO tablespaces is not supported on modern SSD block device

Answer: C

A crucial database, ‘db_prod’, just disappeared from your production MySQL instance.
In reviewing the available MySQL logs (General, Audit, or Slow) and your own application-level logs, you identified this command from a customer facing application:
SELECT id FROM users WHERE login=’payback!’;DROP DATABASE db_prod;’
Which three methods could have been used to prevent this SQL injection attack from happening?

  • A. writing your client code to properly escape all user input
  • B. giving limited privileges to accounts used by application servers to interact with their backing databases
  • C. using SSL/TLS on your outward facing web servers (https://) to encrypt all user sessions
  • D. using a hashing or encryption method to secure all user passwords in your MySQL tables
  • E. removing any remaining anonymous accounts from your MySQL instance
  • F. validating all user input before sending it to the database server
  • G. changing all passwords for the MySQL account ‘root’@’%’ immediately after losing an employee who knew the current password

Answer: DEG

Which three options are most likely to be changed for production form their default values?

  • A. innodb_buffer_pool_size
  • B. max_connections
  • C. join_buffer_size
  • D. character_set_system
  • E. innodb_log_file_size
  • F. max_user_connections
  • G. port

Answer: EFG

Consider the two partial outputs of the SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES command from a master and slave server: Master:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
There is a problem with the slave replicating from the master. Which statement describes the cause of the problem?

  • A. The log_bin variable is set to OFF on the slave.
  • B. server_id is not unique.
  • C. The max_connections variable on the slave needs to be increased.
  • D. The shared_memory_base_name variable must match the master.
  • E. The version of the slave is newer that the version of the maste

Answer: A

The MySQL installation includes the mysql_config_editor utility for managing login paths stored in a
.mylogin.cnf file.
Which two are true about the login path feature?

  • A. mysql_config_editor is the only MySQL-provided utility that can print the values stored in.mylogin.cnf.
  • B. A .mylogin.cnf file can store at most one login path.
  • C. It provides a FIPS-compliant keyring for storing MySQL login details.
  • D. A .mylogin.cnf file can be edited using a text editor, such as vim or Notepad++.
  • E. It is an alternative to storing the MySQL login details in a my.cnf file.
  • F. It provides means to help avoid accidentally exposing the MySQL login detail

Answer: EF

Force Majeure is a catastrophic failure on a major level of the database operation. Regular backups are key to helping avoid data loss in such situations.
Which two other steps can help avoid data loss in a major catastrophe?

  • A. Implement a failover strategy to another geographic location.
  • B. Create a master-master pair for each service.
  • C. Have a second data centre in a different region or country.
  • D. Keep software updated to the latest version.
  • E. Use RAID 10 storage for datA.
  • F. Use on-site network-attached storage to separate service from dat

Answer: AC

MySQL is installed on a Linux server and has this configuration:
[mysqld] user=mysql
As the ‘root’ user, you change the datadir location by executing:
shell> cp –R /var/lib/mysql /data/mysql/ shell> chown –R mysql /data/mysql
What is the purpose of changing ownership of datadir to the ‘mysql’ user?

  • A. MySQL needs to be run as the root user, but files cannot be owned by it.
  • B. The mysqld process requires all permissions within datadir to be the same.
  • C. MySQL cannot be run as the root user.
  • D. MySQL requires correct file ownership while remaining secur

Answer: A

You want to create a temporary table named OLD_INVENTORY in the OLD_INVENTORY database on the master server. This table is not to be replicated to the slave server.
Which two changes would ensure that the temporary table does not propagate to the slave?

  • A. Set binlog_format=MIXED with the --replicate-ignore-temp-table option.
  • B. Use the --replicate-do-db, --replicate-do-table, or --replicate-wild-do-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.
  • C. Change the binlog_format option to ROW and restart mysqld before you create the OLD_INVENTORY table.
  • D. Stop SQL_THREAD on the slave until you have finished using the OLD_INVENTORY temporary table.
  • E. Use the --replicate-ignore-table option with the value equal to OLD_INVENTORY.OLD_INVENTORY and restart mysqld before creating the temporary table.

Answer: BE

Is it true that binary backups always take less space than text backups?

  • A. Yes, because binary backups only contain data, and not statements required to insert data into the tables.
  • B. No, because text backups can have optimizations, which make them smaller, such as updating many rows at once.
  • C. No, because if InnoDB tables contain many empty pages, they could take more space than the INSERT statements.
  • D. Yes, because even if InnoDB tables contain many empty pages, text backups have empty INSERT statements for them.

Answer: C

Which MySQL utility program should you use to process and sort the Slow Query Log based on query time or average query time?

  • A. mysqldumpslow
  • B. mysqldump
  • C. mysqlaccess
  • D. mysqlshow
  • E. mysqlslow

Answer: A

Which two options describe how MySQL Server allocates memory?

  • A. Each connection may have its own per-thread memory allocations.
  • B. Thread memory is pre-allocated up to thread_cache_size for performance.
  • C. Each thread allocates memory from a global pool.
  • D. Global memory resources are allocated at server startu

Answer: AD

To satisfy a security requirement, you have created or altered some user accounts to include REQUIRE X509.
Which additional task needs to be performed for those user accounts to fulfill the requirement to use X509?

  • A. Install the X509 plug-in on the server.
  • B. Set the X509 option in the [client] section of the MySQL server’s configuration file.
  • C. Restart the server with the --require-x509 option.
  • D. Distribute client digital certificates to the client computers being used to log in by the user accounts.
  • E. Provide users access to the server’s private ke

Answer: B

These details are shown when logged in to an account:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Which set of statements would match the accounts shown?

  • A. mysql> CREATE USER ‘employee’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘more_secrets’; mysql> CREATE USER ’’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘valid_password’ WITH PROXY ‘employee’@’localhost’;
  • B. mysql> CREATE USER ‘employee’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘more_secrets’; mysql> GRANT PROXY ON ‘employee’@’localhost’ TO ‘robert’@’localhost’;
  • C. mysql> CREATE USER ‘robert’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘secret_password’; mysql>CREATE USER ‘employee’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘more_secrets’;
  • D. mysql> CREATE_USER ’’@’’ IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_pam ACCOUNT LOCK; mysql> CREATE USER ‘employee’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘more_secrets’;mysql> GRANT PROXY ON ‘employee’@’localhost’ TO ’’@’’;

Answer: D

The MySQL error log shows:
InnoDB: Warning: a long semaphore wait:
The relevant parts of the InnoDB monitor output shows:
1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
Which two options would help avoid the long wait in the future?

  • A. Increase the value of the innodb_lock_wait_timeout option.
  • B. Increase the value of the innodb_read_io_threads option.
  • C. Change the table to use HASH indexes instead of BTREE indexes.
  • D. Set the value of innodb_adaptive_hash_index to zero.
  • E. Deactivate the query cache.
  • F. Increase the size of the InnoDB buffer poo

Answer: BF

You have a consistent InnoDB backup created with mysqldump, the largest table is 50 GB in size. You start to restore your backup with this command;
shell> mysql –u root –p < backup.sql
After 30 minutes, you notice that the rate of restore seems to have slowed down. No other processes or external factors are affecting server performance.
Which is the most likely explanation for this slowdown?

  • A. The MySQL server has stopped inserting data to check index consistency.
  • B. InnoDB is doing CRC32 checks over the tablespace data as it grows.
  • C. The MySQL server is taking a periodical snapshot of data so it can resume the restore if it is interrupted mid-way.
  • D. InnoDB has filled the redo log and now must flush the pages.
  • E. Secondary indexes no longer fit into the buffer poo

Answer: A

1Z0-888 dumps exhibit
What does the possible_keys column in this output denote?

  • A. if it is possible for you to include any indexes in your query
  • B. whether there are any indexes on the tables that you are querying
  • C. if there are any indexes that may be used to solve this query
  • D. whether there are any indexes in your query

Answer: A

Consider that local disk files are accessible via MySQL with commands such as: mysql> LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ‘/etc/passwd’ INTO TABLE mypasswords; What change could be made to stop any breach via this insecurity?

  • A. executing REVOKE LOADFROM *.*
  • B. setting the --local-service=0 option when starting mysqld
  • C. executing REVOKEFILEFROM *_*
  • D. executing REVOKEFILE ON *_* FROM ‘ ‘@’%’
  • E. setting the --local-infile=0 option when starting mysqld
  • F. setting the --open-files-limit=0 option when starting mysqld

Answer: F

The /myfolder/my.cnf file has option set: [mysqld] skip-log-bin
/myfolder2/my.cnf has this option set: [mysqld] log-bin = /valid/path/to/mysqlbinlog
All mentioned paths are accessible to the account that you are currently using. Assume that any other options mentioned in either file are valid and legal option definitions.
You start an instance by using this command line:
mysqld --defaults-file=/myfolder/my.cnf --defaults-extra-file=/myfolder2/my.cnf What is the outcome?

  • A. MySQL starts and Binary Logging is enabled.
  • B. MySQL fails to start due to the conflicting options in the configuration files.
  • C. MySQL fails to start due to conflicting options on the command line.
  • D. MySQL starts but Binary Logging is disable

Answer: C

Which are three facts about backups with mysqldump?

  • A. will lock all storage engines for duration of backup
  • B. can back up a remote database server
  • C. allow a consistent backup to be taken
  • D. are able to back up specific items within a database
  • E. create automatically compressed backups
  • F. are always faster to restore than binary backups

Answer: BCD

You have the following in your my.cnf configuration file: [mysqld] default_authentication_plugin=sha256_password
You want to create a new user who will be connecting from the IP address, and you want to use the authentication plug-in that implements SHA-256 hashing for user account passwords.
Which two statements would create a user named webdesign for this IP address with the password of imbatman using a SHA_256 password hash?

  • A. CREATE USER ‘webdesign’@’’ IDENTIFIED AS sha256_user WITH sha256_password ‘imbatman’;
  • B. CREATE USER ‘webdesign’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘iambatman’;
  • C. CREATE USER ‘webdesign’@’’ IDENTIFIED WITH sha256_password BY ‘imbatman’;
  • D. CREATE USER WITH sha256_password ‘sha256_user’@’’ IDENTIFIED AS ‘webdesign’ USING ‘imbatman’;
  • E. CREATE USER ‘webdesign’@’’ WITH mysql_native_password USING SHA265 BY ‘imbatman’;
  • F. CREATE USER ‘webdesign’@’’ IDENTIFIED BY SHA265 AS ‘imbatman’;

Answer: BF


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