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Q1. Which two statements are true for a two-dimensional array? 

A. It is implemented as an array of the specified element type. 

B. Using a row by column convention, each row of a two-dimensional array must be of the same size. 

C. At declaration time, the number of elements of the array in each dimension must be specified. 

D. All methods of the class Object may be invoked on the two-dimensional array. 

Answer: A,D 

Q2. Given the code fragments: 

Which code fragment, when inserted at line ni, enables the code to print Hank? 

A. checkAge (iList, ( ) -> p. get Age ( ) > 40); 

B. checkAge(iList, Person p -> p.getAge( ) > 40); 

C. checkAge (iList, p -> p.getAge ( ) > 40); 

D. checkAge(iList, (Person p) -> { p.getAge() > 40; }); 


Q3. Consider following interface. 

Which of the following will create instance of Runnable type? 

A. Runnable run = 0 -> {System.out.println("Run");} 

B. Runnable run = 0 -> System.outprintlnfRun"); 

C. Runnable run = 0 > System.outprintlnfRun"); 

D. Runnable run = > System.ouLprintlnfRun"}; 

E. None of the above. 



Option A is the correct answer. 

To create we have used following method with LocalDate class; 

public static LocalDate of(intyear, int month, intdayOfMonth) 

Here we need to remember that month is not zero based so if you pass 1 for month, then 

month will be January. 

Then we have used period object of 1 day and add to date object which makes current date 

to next day, so final output is 2015-03-27. Hence option A is correct. 

Q4. Given the code fragment: 

Which two modifications, when made independently, enable the code to print joe:true: 100.0? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 

E. Option E 

Answer: A,C 

Q5. Given the code fragment: 

Which two modifications, made independently, enable the code to compile? 

A. Make the method at line n1 public. 

B. Make the method at line n2 public. 

C. Make the method at line n3 public. 

D. Make the method at line n3 protected. 

E. Make the method at line n4 public. 

Answer: C,D 

Q6. Given: 

class Sports { 

int num_players; 

String name, ground_condition; 

Sports(int np, String sname, String sground){ 

num_players = np; 

name = sname; 

ground_condition = sground; 

class Cricket extends Sports { 

int num_umpires; 

int num_substitutes; 

Which code fragment can be inserted at line //insert code here to enable the code to compile? 

A. Cricket() { 

super(11, "Cricket", "Condidtion OK"); 

num_umpires =3; 


B. Cricket() { 

super.ground_condition = "Condition OK";"Cricket"; 

super.num_players = 11; 

num_umpires =3; 


C. Cricket() { 


super(11, "Cricket", "Condidtion OK"); 

Cricket(int nu, ns) { 

this.num_umpires =nu; 


D. Cricket() { 

this.num_umpires =3; 


super(11, "Cricket", "Condidtion OK"); 




not C, not D: call to super must be the first statement in constructor. 

Q7. Given: 

public class Painting { 

private String type; 

public String getType() { 

return type; 

public void setType(String type) { 

this.type = type; 

public static void main(String[] args) { 

Painting obj1 = new Painting(); 

Painting obj2 = new Painting(); 



System.out.print(obj1.getType() + " : " + obj2.getType()); 

What is the result? 

A. : Fresco 

B. null : Fresco 

C. Fresco : Fresco 

D. A NullPointerException is thrown at runtime 


Q8. Given: 

What is the output? 

A. 1Z0 

B. 1Z0-808 

C. An exception will be thrown. 

D. Compilation fails due to error at line 3. 

E. Compilation tails due to error at line 4. 



Option E is the correct answer. Code fails to compile because there is no method called concert in StringBuilder class. The concert method is in String class. Hence option E is correct Here we should have used append method of StringBuilder class, in that case option B would be correct. 

Q9. Which statement is true about the default constructor of a top-level class? 

A. It can take arguments. 

B. It has private access modifier in its declaration. 

C. It can be overloaded. 

D. The default constructor of a subclass always invokes the no-argument constructor of its superclass. 


Explanation: In both Java and C#, a "default constructor" refers to a nullary constructor that is automatically generated by the compiler if no constructors have been defined for the class. The default constructor is also empty, meaning that it does nothing. A programmer-defined constructor that takes no parameters is also called a default constructor. 

Q10. Given: 

The class is poorly encapsulated. You need to change the circle class to compute and return the area instead. 

Which two modifications are necessary to ensure that the class is being properly encapsulated? 

A. Remove the area field. 

B. Change the getArea( ) method as follows: 

public double getArea ( ) { return Match.PI * radius * radius; } 

C. Add the following method: 

public double getArea ( ) {area = Match.PI * radius * radius; } 

D. Change the cacess modifier of the SerRadius ( ) method to be protected. 

Answer: B,D