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Where can the carrier default from when dealing a sales order with shipment?

  • A. Transportation Constants or P4210 Processing Options
  • B. P4210 Processing Options or Carrier Preference
  • C. Transportation Constants or Vehicle information
  • D. Customer Billing Instructions or Carrier Preference
  • E. Customer Billing Instructions or P4210 Processing Options

Answer: E

A customer is attempting to generate a purchase older from a requisition, but is receiving a Date Invalid error. What is the cause of this error?

  • A. The cancel date on the requisition header is In the past.
  • B. The G/L date on the requisition detail is in the past.
  • C. The order date on the requisition detail is in the past.
  • D. The requested date on the requisition header Is In the pas

Answer: C

What is the effect on the Hem Ledger when Sales Update is run, if that inventory is relieved during Ship Confirm and the G/l date is added to the record?
A. The document created In the Item Ledger during Ship Confirm has no document type assigned. When Sales Update is run, this document is overridden by the invoice number and invoice document type.
B. An Inventory document is recorded in the Item Ledger during Ship Confirm. When Sales Update is run, an invoice document is added to the Item Ledger.
C. An inventory document is recorded In the Item Ledger during Ship Confirm, when Sales Update is run, an invoice document is added to the Item Ledger, and the item's cost In the inventory document is updated to the latest cost.
D. The invoice number and invoice document type override the document type created In the Item Ledger during Ship Confirm. Then the Item's cost is updated to the latest cost.
E. The invoice number and Invoice document type that are associated with the sales older override the document type and the document number that were created In the Item Ledger during Ship Confirm.

Your customer has an existing supplier catalog set up in their systems that uses U.S. dollars as the currency, they would like to display this same data in euros.
What should you do to accomplish this?

  • A. Use Supplier/item Relationships (P43090) to update all the prices displayed based on the currency and exchange rate entered.
  • B. Use Convert Supplier Currency Codes (R4.1061A) to update all the prices based on the currency and exchange rate entered in the processing options.
  • C. Use Supplier/item Relationships (P43090) to update all the prices displayed based on the currency entered and the exchange rate tables.
  • D. Use Generate Purchase Price by Currency (R4106I01) to update all the prices based on the currency and exchange rate entered in the processing options.
  • E. Use Supplier Catalog Maintenance (P41061) to update all the prices displayed based on the currency and exchange rate entered.

Answer: B

Your client creates purchase orders from requisitions in theft procurement process. Accurate commitment tracking is a must for your client. What should you set up in the system so that a commitment is created tor purchase orders, but not requisitions?

  • A. UDC 40/CT should include the document type for purchase orders, but not requisitions.
  • B. UDC 40/CT should include the document type for requisitions, but not purchase orders.
  • C. The document type for purchase orders needs to be specified on the Budget tab of the processing options of purchase Order Entry.
  • D. UDC 40/CT needs to include both document types for requisitions and purchase orders because the purchase orders are created from requisitions.
  • E. Turn off the processing option for budget checking in the Purchase Order Entry progra

Answer: A

Your client has multiple satellite warehouses around a Branch Plant; however, every shipment comes out of the same shipping address. What information should you set for the satellite warehouses to use the same shipment depot on the sales order detail line?

  • A. Transportation Constants for all the satellite Branch Plants to point to the same Shipment Depot
  • B. Routes set up only for the shipping branch plant
  • C. Branch/Plant ALL and Order Activity Rules for all Satellite Branch Plants
  • D. Shipment Consolidatio
  • E. Business Unit, and Branch Plant Constants for the shipping location
  • F. Branch Plant Constants to use the same Business Unit address book as the shipping location

Answer: E

Which three components do you need to set up shipment hacking?

  • A. shipment reference number added to shipment
  • B. carrier SCAC code
  • C. tracking application type In constants/carrier master
  • D. tracking business functions and reference qualifier set up in carrier master
  • E. carrier URL

Answer: A

Your customer requires the address book Application to contain the following features: basic address book Information, map of the physical address, open Invoices, and vouchers.
What are the two ways to satisfy your customer's request?

  • A. Show the customer how to use the existing form exits within the Address Book Revisions application.
  • B. Update the Address Book Revision form to display Invoice vouchers, and a physical mop using Composite Application Framework (CafeOne).
  • C. Show the customer how to use the existing Row exits within the Work With Addresses application.
  • D. Educate the customer on how to use CafeOne to customize the Address Book Revisions application.

Answer: A

Your client has some high value customers that they want to make sure gel any inventory that comes available after a backorder. What is the correct way to make sure this happens?

  • A. Create an alternative version of the Sales Order Entry program lo bypass availability checking.
  • B. Add a priority code in the Customer Billing Instruction
  • C. Then create on alternative version of the Backorder Release and Report program to process priority codes then by request date.
  • D. Create a Query on the Customer Service program lo monitor orders on backorder for those special clients and then use the Release Backorders - Online program to allocate the Inventory.
  • E. For their orders on backorde
  • F. change the request date lo one far in the past so that when the Backorder Release and Report program run
  • G. It allocates the older orders first.

Answer: D

Which three functions are available to grid users?

  • A. Customization of Individual data Items by color is available.
  • B. Preload a list or range of values into the data item fields.
  • C. Always use the Personalized Grid Button to create a grid format override.
  • D. When exporting data from a grid, all data fields are exported regardless of security

Answer: ABD

Which three options can be specified in Document type Setup when setting up Order Types?

  • A. Order Category
  • B. Bypass Invoice
  • C. Relieve On Hand Inventory at Ship Confirm
  • D. Document type Next Number
  • E. Line Type

Answer: ABD

You want zero quantity tolerance on a specific Item during receipt, the Item belongs to a group that currently gets a 10% tolerance. How can you accomplish this?

  • A. In the Item Branch/Plant, set the tolerance to zero.
  • B. Set the tolerance tor the specific Item to zero In Tolerance- Rule Setup.
  • C. Set the tolerance processing option In the Receipts program to zero.
  • D. Set up an order hold code for zero tolerance
  • E. Set the tolerance for the company to zero In Tolerance Rule Setu

Answer: D

What is the purpose of the Versions tab when inquiring on .in interactive application?

  • A. It allows a user lo specify what versions of each of the called applications to execute.
  • B. It allows users to specify the version of the Interactive application called when executed from a menu.
  • C. Specify the values preloaded into the form when executing the application.
  • D. It restricts the interactive application to call only one other interactive applicatio

Answer: A

Which two personalization features should you use lo control the business units displayed In an EnterpriseOne grid?

  • A. EnterpiseOne Pages
  • B. Composite Application Framework (CafeOne)
  • C. Advanced queries
  • D. Specify the display order and color of fields
  • E. One View Reporting and Watchlist

Answer: BD

You customer stocks an items in their warehouse for sale: however, occasionally, they will have the item shipped to their customer directory from the supplier.
How can this be accomplished?

  • A. Set up a category code on the item to direct the processing of the line during sales order entry.
  • B. The item must be set up in the item master with both a line type of S and D.
  • C. The item must be set in the item master with a line type of D.
  • D. Change the line type to D on the sales order detail; line of the ite

Answer: D

Which two statements are true for Procurement Management User Defined Codes (UDCs)?

  • A. Schedule Nam
  • B. Landed Cost Component
  • C. Order templates, Hem Price Groups, and Commodity Class Codes are required UDCs for Procurement Management.
  • D. UDC 41/9 identifies the G/L offset that the system uses when It searches for the account to which it posts procurement transactions.
  • E. Procurement System Hold Codes (42/MC) is hard coded and has special handling code logic.
  • F. To enable the routing of receipts, only receipts routing UDC is required; operations routing UDC is optional.

Answer: AB

Your client's pricing for a customer order is not calculating correctly. Which option represents the most detailed price setup?

  • A. Customer and Item
  • B. Customer Group and Item Group
  • C. Customer group and item
  • D. all customers and Item

Answer: A

Order due to ship within tin- next two weeks are considered currant and need to affected inventory availability. The Specific; Commitment Days in Branch/Plant Constants is set to 14, so that orders duo to ship more than 14 days In the future are future committed.
What should you do to convict a future commitment to a current commitment?

  • A. Transfer all required quantity to one location to facilitate one-line ship confirm.
  • B. Run the Repost Sales Odors program (R4W95) every two weeks to recommit the orders.
  • C. Run the Repost Sales Orders program (R4/99S) on a daily basis.
  • D. Run the Convert Future Orders program (R479W) on a daily basis.
  • E. No action is required; when the Request Date of the future committed orders falls within the 14- day window, the system will automatically recognize the order as a current commitment.

Answer: D

Your client has situations where sometimes Customer Service Representatives (CSR) need to enter a sales order and then come back to it later to resolve client questions, add more information or lines, and so on.
What Is the correct way to handle this request?

  • A. Add Order Activity Rules and then use Speed Status Update to advance the order.
  • B. Create an Order Type for this type of order with its own Order Activity Rule
  • C. Then create a version of the Pick Slip program to process these orders.
  • D. Create a Line Type that does not affect inventory levels and then have the CSR change it to an S line after all issues are resolved.
  • E. Create a hold code that the CSR adds at order entry and then removes when the order Is ready to progress.

Answer: C

Yom customer noticed that several orders that were shipped yesterday continue to show up in the list of orders ready to be confirmed In the Ship Confirm program (P4205).
How should you correct this?

  • A. Change the processing in Sales Order entry (P42I0) to not allow changes beyond the Ship Confirm status.
  • B. Change the processing options for the Mom and Thru Status in the Ship Confirm program (P4205) to allow valid statuses.
  • C. Change data selection for the Ship Confirm program (M205) to select the order type and status.
  • D. Check the order activity rules for the order type to ensure that no Other Allowed Statuses have been created for this step.
  • E. Check the processing option for Ship Confirm (P4205) to see If Pack Confirm is enabled-What Is not available when reviewing the sold-to account on the Credit Check Inquiry?
  • F. last Invoice date
  • G. aging balance of open A/R
  • H. total amount at open sales orders
  • I. date last paid
  • J. credit limit for the parent

Answer: E

Which three steps are involved if a user wants to copy, use, and share a grid format?

  • A. Use the publish icon, II the new grid format is going to be shared with other users.
  • B. Select the grid format you want to copy to another format, and use the Save As option.
  • C. New shared grid formats are automatically available to other users.
  • D. To share a new grid format, it has to go through the approval process using the User Defined Objects application P98220U.

Answer: ABC

Your client is live on Sales Order Processing. They are adding a new branch/plant to their supply chain. The new branch/plant will use the same Sales Older Type. SO, but they do not require the printing or sales acknowledgment alter entering the order.
What changes are required to the Order Activity Rules, if line type is S?

  • A. Add a status in the Other Allowed Held tor the Print Acknowledgement step for order type SO to bypass the print function.
  • B. Delete the Print Acknowledgement step In the Order Activity Rules for that branch for order type SO and line type S.
  • C. Add a status In the Other Allowed Held for the Enter Order step for Order type SO and line type S to bypass the print function.
  • D. Change the Next Status field for the Print Acknowledgement step for order type SO and line type S to bypass the print function.
  • E. Add a status in the Other Allowed field for the Print Acknowledgement step for order type SO and line type S to bypass the print function

Answer: B

What two statements are true about processing blanket orders?

  • A. When releasing a blanket order, you are not allowed to change Branch/Plant, but are able to change the Ship lo and Supplier fields.
  • B. When entering a blanket order, specify the goods or services to be received on a periodic basis
  • C. Purchase orders and blanket orders are required lo have different order types.
  • D. To receive a portion of the goods or services on a blanket order, release the quantity or amount to create the purchase order.

Answer: AB

To set up commissions for a salesperson, which three elements must be linked?

  • A. Oder Type
  • B. the DMAAIs (Distribution and Manufacturing Automatic Accounting Instructions)
  • C. Commission Percentage
  • D. Customer

Answer: A

What program should you run lo compare the system quantities lo (he actual physical counts during a cycle count?

  • A. Run the Cycle Variance Detail Print program.
  • B. Run the Select Items for Cycle Count program and review the output.
  • C. This is not possibl
  • D. There is not a standard ID1 report that makes this comparison.
  • E. Run the Cycle Count Update program, and review the report.
  • F. Run the Print Cycle Count Sheets program and review the Sheet

Answer: B

If your customer requires lots to be restricted to one item and one branch/plant, where would you find the required setting for this?

  • A. System Constants
  • B. Item Availability Definition
  • C. Application Constants
  • D. Branch/Plant Constants

Answer: B


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