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Select the two valid relationships between subledger components.

  • A. The accounting method holds the accounting rules by Event Class andEvent Type.
  • B. The journal lines hold the journal entry rule sets.
  • C. The accounting method groups journal entry rule sets by Event Class and Event Type.
  • D. Journal entry rules are used to hold accounting rules.
  • E. Journal entry rule sets hold journal rules and accounting rules.

Answer: DE


Which two things must your customer check daily in order to ensure that all their purchase order transactions from that day have been accounted for in Receipt Accounting Distribution?

  • A. Review their audit receipt accrual clearing balances.
  • B. Review their journal entries, including their sub-ledger accounting events and class where the charges from the purchase orders are going to be charged to.
  • C. Review their accrual balances and clear them.
  • D. Review their Receipt Accounting processes that show whether any processes failed and why.
  • E. Review their distributions that show the debit and credit information specific to the Receipt Accounting transaction selected.

Answer: BC

Identify two ways that standard cost is calculated.

  • A. Users must manually enter the cost of each configured item; the calculation is not automated.
  • B. The standard cost is the sum of the cost of the selected option items.
  • C. The cost of a configured item is calculated based on the work definition of the model item.
  • D. The standard cost of the configured item is based on the purchase order price quoted by the supplier for the configured item.
  • E. The roll-up calculation can be performed to update standard costs for Cost Accounting purposes

Answer: BE

Identify three Landed Cost Management tasks.

  • A. Capture Charges
  • B. View Rolled Up Costs
  • C. Manage Cost Scenarios
  • D. Perform Allocations
  • E. Create Accounting
  • F. Review Journal Entries

Answer: ADE


Landed Cost Variance Analysis can be performed based on which three dimension combinations?

  • A. Business Unit/Landed Cost Charge/Cost Organization
  • B. Item/Business Unit/Route
  • C. Item Category/Material Supplier/Landed Cost Charge
  • D. InventoryOrganization/Landed Cost Charge/Third Party Supplier
  • E. Item Catalog/Inventory Organization/Business Unit

Answer: E

When running the Transfer Costs to Cost Management process,where will the primary default source for costs come from and what is the effect?

  • A. Receivables invoices; actual cost can be used.
  • B. Payables invoices; invoice price variance can be added to item cost.
  • C. Receipt costs; costs include adjustments.
  • D. Requisition costs; validated costs can be used.
  • E. Purchase order costs; item catalog costs can be used.

Answer: A

Identify four features provided by the Review Work Order Costs UI when displaying work order

  • A. Scrap Costs
  • B. Variable Costs
  • C. Output Costs
  • D. Incremental Costs
  • E. Input Costs
  • F. Standard Cost variances

Answer: ACEF

You are verifying your distributions for yourtransactions. You Just ran the receipt accounting distribution process. However, your purchase order receipt is not showing up.
What do you need to do for your receipt to show up?

  • A. Run the Transactions from Procurement to Costing process.
  • B. Run theTransfer Costs from Payables to Cost Management process.
  • C. Run the Create Accounting process.
  • D. Run the Clear Receipt Accrual Balances process.
  • E. Run the Transactions from Receiving to Costing process.

Answer: E

You are establishing the cost for a make assembly. When we run Cost Rollup, it is not rolling up and the Assembly shows "0" cost. However,item costs are available for child (buy) components. In the review work order cost, we are able to see child components costs, but not the rollup cost of the assembly.
Identify two reasons this happened.

  • A. The item has no on-hand inventory.
  • B. The assembly item is marked as Perpetual Average costed.
  • C. Outstanding purchase orders have not been received.
  • D. The Work Definition is incomplete.
  • E. Burdens have not been established for the item

Answer: BD

Identify two characteristics of an expense pool. (Choose two.)

  • A. It helps you analyze under-absorption and over-absorption of expenses that you want to capitalize onto thebalance sheet as inventory value.
  • B. It is a user-defined entity that represents a grouping of expenses that you want to absorb with resource and overhead rates.
  • C. You can define the name of your expense pool, but you cannot define more than one.
  • D. It isused only for analyzing gross margins on noninventory sales of services.

Answer: AB

Your client only wants to cost inventory items and third party costs. Which two modules are they required to implement to ensure this functionality?

  • A. Receipt Accounting
  • B. Cost Accounting
  • C. Landed Cost Management
  • D. Inventory Management
  • E. Product Model

Answer: D

You can track costs at what granularity level in Cost Accounting for the actual costing method?

  • A. Subinventory, Make, Lot, Serial
  • B. Grade, Serial, Group, Lot
  • C. Subinventor
  • D. Lot, Serial, Grade
  • E. Grade, Subinventory, Locator, Serial
  • F. Subinventory, Lot, Serial, Locator

Answer: C

You are trying to import the purchase order information into Receipt Accounting in the Schedule Process work area. Why can't you see this process?

  • A. Purchase order information is automatically sent to Receipt Accounting using a real-timemethod
  • B. This process can only be scheduled and run from the Receipt Accounting work area
  • C. You do not have the role to import purchase order information into Receipt Accounting.
  • D. All purchase order information is included in the Transfer Transactionsfrom Receiving to Costing proces
  • E. There is no separate process.
  • F. Purchase order information should not be imported into Receipt Accounting.

Answer: A

At what level can you define item cost profiles?

  • A. Item cost profiles are defined within an inventory organizatio
  • B. There can be only one cost method for an inventory organization.
  • C. Cost profiles are ultimately defined at the item leve
  • D. Different items within the same inventory organization can use different cost profiles.
  • E. Item cost profiles are defined at the cost organization leve
  • F. All items within a cost organization must use the same cost profile.
  • G. Different items within an inventory organization can use different cost profiles, but items within an item category must all use the same cost profile because that is the level at which the default cost profile is defined.

Answer: A

When attempting to open costing periods, your customer is receiving the following error:
Error: You do not have the required permission. You can request that your help desk change your security settings.
What configuration needs to be done so your customer will be able to open the Cost Accounting period?

  • A. Create Data Access on the Accounts Payable role for the correct cost organization.
  • B. Create Data Access on the Accounts Payable role for the correct inventory organization.
  • C. Create Data Access on the Cost Accountant role for the correct cost organization.

Answer: A

Which four predefined costing reports can you use to gatherinformation to review inventory value? (Choose four.)

  • A. Costing Account Balances Report
  • B. In-transit Valuation Report
  • C. COGS and Revenue Matching Report
  • D. Work in Process Inventory Valuation Report
  • E. Layer Inventory Valuation Report
  • F. Cost Accounting Valuation Report
  • G. Inventory Valuation Report

Answer: ABCD

Your customer wants to run a report to review account balances for bothinventory valuation and cost of goods sold. Which two Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence reports would you run so the customer can review these balances?

  • A. Inventory Account Balances Report B COGS Account Balances Report
  • B. Revenue and COGS Matching Report
  • C. Costing Balances Report
  • D. Inventory Valuation Report

Answer: AC

Which statement is true regarding the cost cutoff date in Cost Accounting?

  • A. It only affects whether or not you can process a cost adjustment.
  • B. Transactions with a transaction date after the cost cutoff date will not be processed until the cost cutoffdate is changed to a date that is later than the transaction date.
  • C. Transactions with a transaction date after the cost cutoff date will not be processe
  • D. These transactions will never be processed in any subsequent cost processor run.
  • E. Transactions with a transaction date before the cost cutoff date will not be processed until the cost cutoff date is changed to a date that is before the transaction date.

Answer: B

Which three tasks can becompleted in the Receipt Accounting work area?

  • A. Review and Approve Item Cost Profiles
  • B. Review Item Costs
  • C. Create Receipt Accounting Distributions
  • D. Review Cost Accounting Distributions
  • E. Manage Accrual Clearing Rules
  • F. Create Accounting

Answer: CDE

The process to map the APinvoices to the trade operation charges has completed. Which entity did the application use to do this?

  • A. Material Receipts
  • B. Charge Names
  • C. PreReference Types
  • D. Routes
  • E. Trade Operation Template

Answer: C

Identify two characteristics of a cost profile.

  • A. It is used for calculating the estimated cost of manufactured items under different scenarios.
  • B. It is used for Receipt Accounting.
  • C. It is where you define your Cost Accounting policies.
  • D. It is where you define which cost method you want to use for the costcomponent to cost element mapping.

Answer: BC


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