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In a validation loop, users are repeatedly asked to enter the same information, thereby preventing them from transitioning to a different dialoq flow state in a conversation.
What is causing the validation loop?

  • A. The dialog flow state uses an input component that references a nonentity type variabl
  • B. The same dialog flow state is referenced in the next transition.
  • C. The nlpResultvariable property of the input component points to "iResult", which is a variable of type "nlpresuit".
  • D. The keepTurn property of the input component is set to true and the maxPrompts property is set to a value greater than 0.
  • E. The input component associated with a state references a variable of an entity type and the maxPrompts property is not set.

Answer: C

You have gone through a number of testing iterations of your customer's skill that comprises 10 intents. But you find that generally the best you can get is a confidence score of 96%, even when the user phrase is identical to one of your training utterances.
What should you recommend to your customer regarding this intent confidence score?

  • A. Keep iterating on user testing and add more training utterances until you can achieve a confidence level of 100% on your user input.
  • B. For every verb in your training utterances, ensure you add a version of the utterance which also covers the past, present, and future tense of the verb.
  • C. It is not always possible to achieve 100% confidence and adding more utterances may not help the proble
  • D. Therefore, do not make further changes to the skill if it is performing to your expectations.
  • E. The highest possible confidence with 10 intents is 10% (100% divided by the number of intents). So, no further changes to the skill are required.
  • F. Add more utterances to the unresolvedlntent.

Answer: D

Which three statements are true about composite bagentities?

  • A. They define a business domain object as a collection of related system entities and custom entities.
  • B. When you add entities to the composite bag, you can control how they get extracted in related to other entities and when they are prompted for.
  • C. The composite bag will always enforce that every entity has a valid value before allowing the conversation to move on to the next state in the dialog flow.
  • D. You need to create a separate composite bag to handle nonentity types such as string
  • E. Locations, and attachments.
  • F. The composite bag can resolve all entity values using only a single state in the dialog flow.

Answer: BCE

Assuming conversation is the custom component SDK handle, which two code statements are valid to access the order and userAccount input parameters of the custom component?
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1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D
  • E. Option E

Answer: DE

Imagine that you have a financial planning skill. Which two functionalities would typically be implemented as a custom component?

  • A. displaying any type of input component
  • B. routing the dialog flow based on values returned from a backend service
  • C. returning the current value of a requested stock price in a skill message
  • D. running the skill within a webpage
  • E. routing to another skill within the suite of skills assembled within a digital assistant

Answer: B

What is the error message ‘’Your session appears to be in an infinite loop’’usually caused by?

  • A. a missing keepTurn = true entry in the dialog flow
  • B. a component in a dialog flow state that references a variable that has a value set while the dialog flow state continues to transition
  • C. a problem with the Digital Assistant tenant
  • D. a problem with a custom component that is referenced in your dialog flow

Answer: A

You have been asked to make recommendations to a customer on the value of having a catalogue of test phrases that you can use for batch testing intents.
Which statement is the recommendation you would NOT make?

  • A. Batch testing allows you to have a baseline of phrases to test against, so you can demonstrate whether your skill is resolving intents more accurately over time.
  • B. Batch testing allows you to confirm that any changes you make to the intent utterances do not inadvertently change other intent resolutions.
  • C. Batch testing allows you to test every combination of conversation through your dialog flow.
  • D. Having a baseline test allows you to determine whether your intent resolution is still functioning within expected limits given any updates to your service.

Answer: D

What is the output of this code?
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit

  • A. The code will run into an infinite loop.
  • B. Only first value - "One" will be printed.
  • C. The code will fail to validate because |- is not a valid symbol.
  • D. All the three values - "One." "Two." and "Three." will be printed.

Answer: B

What statement correctly describes the Authentication Service ion Oracle Digital Assistant?

  • A. The Authentication Service authenticates users to Oracle Identity Cloud Servic
  • B. It provides customizable login screens that are displayed in the context of a user-bot conversation.
  • C. The Authentication Service holds the identity provider configuration that is used at run time in Oracle Digital Assistant to retrieve an access token that authorizes REST service calls.
  • D. The Authentication Service authenticates Oracle Digital Assistant users to a social media identity provider (for example, Facebook) and associates social media accounts with accounts stored in the Oracle Identity Cloud Service.
  • E. The Authentication Service allows bot designers to configure a custom webhook to authenticate and authorize users using the System.OauthAccountLink component.

Answer: D

Which property in system.ResolveEntities, when set to true, enables a temporary transition from the entity matching performed by this component to a state in which you may decide to call a custom component?

  • A. transitionMatch
  • B. transitionBeforeMatch
  • C. transitionAfterMatch
  • D. There is no such property, because this component is a closed system.

Answer: C

Which three statements are FALSE regarding entity resolution using a composite bag?

  • A. You can define multiple prompts for each entity item in the composite bag.
  • B. The composite bag will automatically resolve any entity values found in the initial user input.
  • C. When a user inputs entity values, they can only be resolved in the order in which they are defined within the composite bag.
  • D. Each entity item in the composite bag can have only one value.
  • E. Every entity item in the composite bag must be prompted for and have a value entered.
  • F. You can define validation code using Apache Freemarker for entity item values.

Answer: ACE

You are writing a dialog flow and you are at the end of the conversation. For the final state, you are not sure whether to use a return transition use a next transition that goes to the start of the dialog flow.
Which statement is true?

  • A. The return transition goes to the start of the dialog flow and resets all variables, whereas next simply navigates.
  • B. The next and return transitions are the same and you can use them interchangeably.
  • C. The next transition automatically clears variables on navigation, whereas return doesn't.
  • D. The next transition can only be used for forward navigation in the flow.

Answer: B

Which statement is FALSE regarding the core function of a digital assistant and how it could respond to user input?

  • A. It is able to automatically route the conversation to another digital assistant if the request can't be handled by the current digital assistant.
  • B. It is able to respond to a user request to exit the current conversation.
  • C. It is able to respond to a help request and return a help message, one that can be specific to one of its skills, or to the digital assistant itself
  • D. It is able to route the conversation to the start state of a skill that's managed by the digital assistant.

Answer: D

Which two statements are true for the system.webview component?

  • A. Parameters passed from the skill to the web application cannot be accessed through JavaScript.
  • B. Property names in the web application response payload must match with the variable names in the dialog flow.
  • C. When registering web applications in a skill, bot designers can see the data structure returned by the app
  • D. Parameters passed from the skill to the web application are accessible through JavaScript.
  • E. The webview.onDone parameter is automatically added to the payload and passes the skill's callback URL property to the web application.

Answer: AD

Which two statements are true the purpose of the compose bag entity item Out of Order Extraction property?

  • A. It should not be used for String entity items.
  • B. When set to True, an entity item value can be updated when prompting for a different entity item value.
  • C. Only set to True, an entity item value can be updated when prompting for a different entity item value.
  • D. Only when set to true can entity values be specific in any order in the initial user input.
  • E. When set to True, an entity item cannot be resolve until a dependent entity item is first resolved.

Answer: CE

want to save some user input, such as the type of pizza a particular user last ordered, so that it's available the next time that user starts a conversation.
Which type of variable should you use to persist values across multiple invocations of the conversation?

  • A. skill variables
  • B. user variables
  • C. context variables
  • D. profile variables

Answer: A

Within your digital assistant, you notice that the user input "tell me my balance" immediately initiates the Banking skill. However, it does not offer the user the option to consider that the request could be handled by the Retail skill, which also offers the ability to check the balance in your retail account.
How should you ensure that both the banking and retail skills are considered in this case?

  • A. Raise the Candidate Skills Confidence Threshold in the digital assistant.
  • B. Lower the Confidence Threshold in the Retail skill.
  • C. Lower the Candidate Skills Confidence Threshold in the digital assistant.
  • D. Lower the Confidence Threshold in the Banking skill.

Answer: C

What happens if there is a system error and the state does not have an error action?

  • A. The skill transitions to he state that is defined by the defaultTransitions error actio
  • B. If there isn't one, then it outputs the Unexpected Error Prompt value.
  • C. The skill transitions to the state that is defined by the next actio
  • D. If there isn't one, then it transition to the defaultTransitions error action.
  • E. The skill transitions to the state that is defined by the next action.. If there isn't one, then it transitions to the next state in the dialog flow.
  • F. The skill outputs the Unexpected Error Prompt value and then transitions to the state that is defined by the defaultTransitionserror actio
  • G. If there isn't one, then it ends the conversation.

Answer: C

Which two statements are true regarding local web application invocation using the system.webview component?

  • A. Local webviews require a Node.js environment and must have a package, json file in their root folder.
  • B. An SPA application can issue an Ajax post command to the callback URL that has been passed with the web application launch
  • C. system.webview components can only be used with web channels.
  • D. Local webviews require SPA applications to have an index.html file in their root folder.

Answer: AD

In your conversation flow, you want to make sure that users always see a message, even when there is no data to display. To implement this, you decide to use a system.SetVariable componentthat verifies that the variable mydata contains a value and, if it does sets the value of the displayVar variavbe to the value of mydata. If no value is specified for mydata, then displaVar is set to the string ‘No Data.’
Which two BotML with Apache FreeMarker examples implement this requirement?
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit
1z0-1071 dumps exhibit

  • A. Option A
  • B. Option B
  • C. Option C
  • D. Option D
  • E. Option E

Answer: BE

Which statement is true regarding the default implementation of out-of-order messages?

  • A. Navigation remains in the current state.
  • B. All variables referenced by the out-of-order-message action are cleared.
  • C. There is no default implementation for out-of-order messages.
  • D. In the default implementation, when an out-of-order message is detected the navigation continues with the state name associated with the out-of-order message action.

Answer: C

In the System.Agentinitiation component, what is the purpose of "resumedMessage:"?

  • A. sets the message to be displayed if no agents are available
  • B. sets the message to be displayed to a user if the user sends repeated messages to connect
  • C. sets the message to be displayed when the channel times out and reconnects
  • D. sets the message to be displayed to a user while waiting for the agent to connect

Answer: A

Oracle Digital Assistant supports several messenger-specific channel types, such as iOS, Android, Web, and Facebook. If your messenger client is nc supported, what is the simplest way to connect your skill or digital assistant to the client?

  • A. Use a custom component to extend a supported channel type.
  • B. Implement the channel using a Webhook.
  • C. You can't connect to a unsupported messenger clien
  • D. You can only connect channels to the supported clients.
  • E. Ensure that your skill only outputs text and not Images or visual components such as card
  • F. Then use the standard Web channel, which you can use for text-only conversations.

Answer: B

You have a skill for ordering pizzas. In your experience, you have found that 95% of your customers want a regular crust and just 5% prefer gluten-free crust. Because so few people are likely to want a gluten-free crust, you don't want to prompt for that option, but you do want to make it available.
Assuming you already have a composite bag entity that contains a PizzaCrust entity that has the values "regular" and "gluten free", what would be the simplest way to have your skill enable a user to order a pizza with a gluten-free crust without the skill prompting the user for that option?

  • A. Don't set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item.
  • B. For the PizzaCrust entity item, set the Extract With property to reference an entity with the single value "gluten free".
  • C. In the composite bag, set the PizzaCrust entity item's Prompt for Value property to Fals
  • D. Then, once the the composite bag is resolved, check if the PizzaCrust entity has a valu
  • E. If it doesn't, set its value to "regular".
  • F. Don't set a prompt for the PizzaCrust entity item and set the Out of Order Extraction property to True.

Answer: A


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