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Q11. Identify the two true statements about rule types in FM. 

A. The Dynamic rule type allows you to calculate both parent and base accounts. 

B. The NoInput rule type prevents users from entering data into specific cells or slices of cells using Hs.Nolnput. 

C. Calculate, Dynamic, Allocation, Input, No Input, Translate, Consolidate, Transactions, and Equity pickup are all valid rule types. 

D. If you need to calculate Gross Margin %, use the Translate rule type. 

E. Calculation rules are run only with FM specific calculation commands in Financial Management; no general VB commands. 

Answer: BC 

Q12. What are the three characteristics of sub EnumMemberLists ()? 

A. Specifies which dimensions have member lists 

B. Names each member list in each dimension 

C. Specifies the valid members for a member list 

D. Specifies the number of lists for each dimension 

E. Is used to create both static and dynamic lists 

Answer: ABD 

Q13. Identify the four levels of security in Financial Management 

A. User Authentication 

B. Document 

C. Task 

D. Cell Level 

E. Data 

Answer: ABCE 

Q14. Assuming you are using version, right-click menus are available in 

A. Data grids only 

B. Data forms only 

C. Task lists only 

D. Data grids and Data forms 

E. Data grids, Data forms, and Task lists 


Q15. Identify the three true statements about Financial Reporting. 

A. Financial Reporting provides highly formatted, printable reports for FM applications. 

B. Financial Reporting provides ad hoc reporting capabilities for FM applications. 

C. Financial Reporting document types include reports, books, snapshots, and snapshot books. 

D. You can create a single P&L report and run that report for any member in the Entity dimension 

Answer: ACD 

Q16. For metadata loads, you can import changes to metadata for which three application elements? 

A. Periods 

B. Accounts 

C. Entities 

D. Currencies E. Value 

Answer: BCD 

Q17. Identify three valid application settings 

A. MaxNumDocAttachments 

B. UseSecurityForEntities 

C. UseSecurityForValue 

D. Va1idationAccount 

E. SupportSubmissionPhaseforEntity 

Answer: ABD 

Q18. Identify the three true statements about ERP Integrator (ERPI). 

A. ERPI supports PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP. 

B. ERPI integrates metadata and data from ERP source system into an Oracle Hyperion EPM target application. 

C. ERPI provides drill through from Financial Management data forms, Smart View, and Financial Reporting. 

D. ERPI provides drill through to BI Dashboards. 

E. ERPI under the covers is Oracle Data Integrator. 

Answer: ABD 

Q19. What is the primary purpose of Extended Analytics in FM? 

A. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Essbase database 

B. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to a relational database 

C. Exports Financial Management metadata and data to an Excel pivot table 

D. Provides analytic capabilities directly against the Financial Management application 


Q20. You need to copy an FM Classic application including data from the production environment to the test environment to test new business rules. 

How can you do this? 

A. Use the FMCopyApplication.exe utility. 

B. Copy the application using the Admin Task list, select Extract Application and then import into a new application. 

C. Select the Copy User Provisioning in Shared Services. 

D. Use Life Cycle Management to migrate the artifacts and data. 

E. Use the EPMA File Generator Utility to extract and import metadata.