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Q1. You must ensure that your Mappings do not run into connectivity issues when moving data from server A to server B by using an AGT agent that is running on server B. 

How must you test this by using ODI Studio running on machine C?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. UseOdiPingAgentin a package to ping AGT agent. 

B. In Topology, test the connections to servers A and B by using the AGT agent. 

C. In Topology, test the connections to the AGT agent. 

D. In Topology, test the connections to servers A and B by using Local (No Agent). 


Explanation: ( as per this link even choice A is right as its alternative/additional method for testing connectivity 

Q2. How should you define the Work Schema of a Physical Schema?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Use a dedicated schema such asODI_STAGING. 

B. UseTEMP. 

C. Use the same schema as the Data Schema. 





Q3. You need to create a Model that works with multiple underlying technologies. How must you proceed?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. This works only for Oracle and Informix. 

B. This works only for Oracle and MySQL. 

C. Create a new generic technology to support it. 

D. Use the out-ofthe box Generic SQL technology. 




Q4. Identify two correct Restart values for parallel steps in load plans.(Choose two.) 

A. Restart from new session. 

B. Restart from failure. 

C. Restart from failed children. 

D. Restart all children. 

Answer: C,D 



Q5. Which two statements are true about big data support in ODI?(Choose two.) 

A. ODI uses its own transformation engine to process data in a Hadoop cluster. 

B. ODI performs data transformations inside a Hadoop cluster. 

C. ODI must perform data transformations outside Hadoop in an Oracle database. 

D. ODI allows moving data in and out of a Hadoop cluster. 

Answer: B,D 

Explanation: ( 

Q6. Which are the two correct statements about Work repositories?(Choose two.) 

A. They contain project and security information. 

B. They contain data models and execution information. 

C. They contain data and security information. 

D. They contain data models and project information. 




Q7. What is the main benefit of using consistent set journalizing compared to simple journalizing?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. Consistent set journalizing runs faster than simple journalizing. 

B. Consistent set journalizing always uses Oracle GoldenGate. 

C. Consistent set journalizing treats each data store individually. 

D. Consistent set journalizing provides a guarantee of consistency of the captured changes. 




Q8. You need to deploy ODI JEE Components on WebLogic Server. Where should you deploy them?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. on the Coherence Server 

B. on the Administration Server 

C. on the Node Manager 

D. on the Managed Server 


Explanation: ( 

Q9. Which two statements are true about ODI web-based components?(Choose two.) 

A. ODI Console allows administrators to edit users’ information. 

B. Enterprise Manager Cloud Control provides access to ODI data servers’ settings. 

C. ODI sessions can be monitored in Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. 

D. ODI Console provides access to project and mapping details. 

Answer: A,D 

Explanation: ( 

Q10. When Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) and Oracle GoldenGate are used together, which option represents the phases of an ELT process that Oracle GoldenGate performs?(Choose the best answer.) 

A. transform only 

B. load and transform 

C. extract and load 

D. extract and transform 


Explanation: (