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New Oracle 1Z0-447 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Question No: 3

For which database, other than SQL Server, does an Extract use a method of Secondary Truncation Point management?

A. Teradata

B. Informix

C. Sybase

D. DB2

Answer: D

Question No: 4

Which option is an invalid GLOBALS parameter?





Answer: A

Question No: 5

You want to generate an extract file or trail in a non-GoldenGate canonical format like those used in the Initial Load file-tou2013database utility. How should you configure GoldenGate in order to accomplish this?

A. Configure Replicat with theFORMATASCII SQLLOADER OPTION.

B. Configure Extract with theFORMATSQL SQLLOADER OPTION.

C. Configure Extract with theFORMATASCII SQLLOADER OPTION.

D. Configure Replicat with theFORMATXML OPTION.

Answer: C

Question No: 6

Which three are types of encryption supported by OGG?

A. Parameter file encryption

B. Password

C. Trial file encryption

D. Message encryption

Answer: A B C

Question No: 7

Select four Oracle GoldenGate use cases.

A. real-time discovery

B. real-time data warehousing

C. offload reporting

D. zero downtime upgrades and migrations

E. backup and recovery

F. data center load balancing by using multi-master replication

Answer: B C D F

Question No: 8

Which statement regarding the GoldenGate Data Pump is incorrect?

A. Data Pump is a separate process.

B. Data Pump can be used to pump trail records to multiple locations.

C. Data Pump has distance limitations.

D. Data Pump uses TCP/IP to route the trail records.

Answer: A

Question No: 9

Your Extract process, which is using an Oracle database, has stopped with uncommitted transactions. How should you guarantee an efficient recovery after Extract has stopped?

A. Use theFORCETRANSandPURGEORPHANEDTRANSACTIONSparameters to control the bounded recovery feature of the general Extract checkpointing facility.

B. Use theWARNLONGTRANSparameter to control the bounded recovery feature of the general Extractcheckpointing facility.

C. Use theBRparameter to control the bounded recovery feature of the general Extract checkpointing facility.

D. Use thePURGEORPHANEDTRANSACTIONSparameter to control the bounded recovery feature of the general Extract checkpointing facility.

Answer: C

Question No: 10

You are implementing GoldenGate monitoring via the Enterprise Manager Plug-In. When you start JAgent, it fails with u201cajavA.lang.Exception: One or more Java Agent properties in Config.properties are not defined properlyu201d.

What is the first thing to check?

A. if The Enterprise Manager Agent is running

B. if the JAgent has been enabled in the GoldenGate Manager

C. if the agent type is set to OEM in JAgent properties

D. if the Oracle Wallet has been created for the JAgent

Answer: C

Question No: 11

Identify the correct statement regarding Trails.

A. Extract and Pump are different OS level executable binary files.

B. Extracts cannot perform filtering, mapping, and transformations.

C. RMTTRAILis for remote trails andEXTTRAILis for local trails.

D. Extract is typically used to produce local trail files over a TCP/IP connection.

Answer: B

Question No: 12

If multiple GoldenGate processes are accessing a set of trial files which of the processes should include the PURGEOLDEXTRACTS parameter to trigger trail file clean up?

A. Manager

B. Extract

C. Replicat

D. Both Extract and Replicat

Answer: A


In reference guide, page 256, and I quote "If multiple groups are reading the same set of trail files, one process could purge a file before another is finished with it. Instead, use theManager version of PURGEOLDEXTRACTS, which is the preferred use of the parameter in all GoldenGate configurationsbecause it allows you to manage trail files in a centralized fashion."

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