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Which three statements are accurate about BAM 12c alerts? (Choose three.)

  • A. Conditions are optional settings for constraining the time period in which the alert is fired.
  • B. An action can invoke a web service.
  • C. Alerts can be created in either BPM Studio or BPM Process Composer.
  • D. You cannot create alerts that launch other alerts.
  • E. An event can result when a CQL query receives new data outside a normal range.

Answer: AE

Conditions are optional settings for constraining the time period in which the alert is fired. You can select any number and combination of conditions.
When you select the event Select a CQL Query, you must select a continuous query from the pop-up drop- down list. The alert fires when the query receives new data with values outside of a normal range.

Which two statements are true about out-of-the-box metrics support in BPM Suite? (Choose two.)

  • A. If you want to know average time spent in each activity in your process, you can look at the workload per process dashboard in Business Process Workspace.
  • B. By default, in standard dashboards that display data about in-flight instances, there is a 30- minute delay before up-to-date data appear in the charts.
  • C. You can only view out-of-the-box metrics in charts created in Business Process Workspace.
  • D. During process execution, when a sampling point is reached, the BPMN Service Engine collects all standard process metrics that are prespecified out-of-the-box.

Answer: CD

Which two statements are true about business indicators used for process analytics?(Choose two.)

  • A. A counter must be associated with a counter mark in order for the counter to be incremented.
  • B. Measures specify how process analytics data can be filtered or grouped.
  • C. If you do not define any businessindicators, no data is captured at a sampling point.
  • D. Measurement marks are defined on sequence flows and are visible on the model.
  • E. The dimensions you have defined are visible on the process model.

Answer: AD

Which two modeling approaches could be used to handle exceptions thrown by a service? (Choose two.)

  • A. subprocess
  • B. event subprocess
  • C. error and event
  • D. error catch event as a boundary event on the service task

Answer: BD

You can handle the exceptions that occur in an activity using the following: *A boundary error catch event *An event subprocessBoundary error catch events enable you to resume the main process flow after handling theexception.If you want to reuse the exception handling flow for multiple tasks in your process, then eventsubprocesses are more efficient than boundary catch events. Event subprocesses enable you todefine a cleaner process with less effort because the catch error event is located within the eventsubprocess. To reuse an exception handling flow using boundary catch events, you must define aboundary catch event for each of the tasks, and then connect those boundary events to theexception handling flow.

Which three actions are available when using business rules for a case? (Choose three.)

  • A. Activate activities.
  • B. Set an activity's relevance.
  • C. Change a milestone deadline.
  • D. Change a required activity to an optional activity.
  • E. Modify case data.

Answer: CDE

Which two statements are correct about business indicators? (Choose two.)

  • A. They can be captured at measurement marks.
  • B. Dimensions allow the user to capture numerical values.
  • C. All business indicators are captured at sampling points and a subset is captured at measurement marks.
  • D. Counters are used for interval start and interval stop measurements.

Answer: AC

A Measure Business Indicator is used to capture something that can be measured.
The BPMN Service Engine automatically stores the data in the dimension business indicators inthe pre- defined and custom sampling points defined for your process.

Which two features are provided on the Tasks page of Business Process Workspace?

  • A. Display Status for Adaptive Case Management (ACM) cases.
  • B. View human tasks based on the user's permissions and assigned groups and roles.
  • C. Create personal to-do tasks that are unassociated with a process instance.
  • D. View who is currently assigned to a task that the current user has completed.

Answer: BC

The Tasks page displays tasks for the user based on the user's permissions and assigned groups and roles.
Perform authorized actions on tasks in the worklist, acquire and check out shared tasks, define personal to- do tasks, and define subtasks.

Which two components in a BPM project can be promoted to become a case activity? (Choose two.)

  • A. Mediator
  • B. BPEL
  • C. Human task
  • D. Business rule
  • E. BPMN
  • F. Spring

Answer: CE

A case definition contains various case activities that represent the different work that the user can perform in the context of a case. Oracle BPM allows you to define case activities based on:
1Z0-435 dumps exhibita Human Task
1Z0-435 dumps exhibita BPMN process

You have a requirement to dynamically assign tasks at run time based on the employee’s title. Which three could be used to accomplish this assignment? (Choose three.)

  • A. Use parametric roles to map the individual parametric role assignments and then map individual users to specific titles in the workspace using extended user propertie
  • B. Use parametric roles to map the individual parametric role assignments and then map LDAP groups to specific titles in the workspace using extended user propertie
  • C. In LDAP, ensure that individual users have been given titles and, in the workspace, associate the LDAP title attribute to a parametric rol
  • D. Use a business rule in the human task to dynamically assign work items to specific users or an LDAP group based on employee titl
  • E. In the process, edit the properties of the swimlane and assign a “title” string data object in the process payload to define a parametric role.

Answer: ABD

Which statement is accurate about verbal rules and business phrases?

  • A. Verbal ruled can be created in Business Process Composer, but not in BPM Studio.
  • B. For a particular verbal rule, conditions and actions can include derived business phrases or user- defined business phrases, but not both.
  • C. Derived business phrases are automatically created by using facts and globals in the rules dictionary.
  • D. Verbal rules must be created in a separate ruleset from general rules and decision tables.

Answer: BC

Which two statements accurately identify capabilities available for rules testing? (Choose two.)

  • A. You can create a test suite or a test template without first creating a design function.
  • B. You can test rulesets by creating a business rules function that calls the decision function.
  • C. You can use Enterprise Manager to test rules via a decision function.
  • D. You can mark individual test suites as "draft" to turn them off for test validation.

Answer: BD

You can test rulesets by creating a decision function and calling the decision function from Rules Designer with an Oracle Business Rules function.
Draft Test check box to turn off the test validation.

Which two statements are true about BPM Suite product architecture? (Choose two.)

  • A. The Process Asset Manager is a container of reusable, shared, implementation assets available to all processes within a BPM project.
  • B. Business architecture modeling is supported by a third-party product that Oracle resells as part of the BPM Suite 12c product family.
  • C. BPM Suite leverages SOA Suite infrastructure and tooling to support key design-time and run-time features.
  • D. case Management is an Oracle add-on product to add adaptive case management support to BPM Suite.
  • E. BPM Suite supports BPMN process modeling notation in both BPM Process Composer and BPM Studio.

Answer: AD

To assign a global unique identifier (GUID) to a variable, you use a(n) .

  • A. simple expression
  • B. XPath expression
  • C. XSLT transformation
  • D. call to a JavaScriot function

Answer: B

Which option is constraint on promoting a BPMN process to be a case activity?

  • A. The BPMN process has to be modeled as an asynchronous process.
  • B. The BPMN process cannot contain human tasks.
  • C. The BPMN process must be in the same project as the case.
  • D. The BPMN process requires that the reply from the process contains at least one parameter.

Answer: A

The BPMN process must already exist. You can use synchronous and asynchronous BPMN processes. The case activity only supports message start and end points

Which statement is accurate about providing process analytics in BPM Suite?

  • A. BPM Suite supports KPI reporting for high-level business architecture models as well as for detailed BPMN process models.
  • B. The primary focus of measurement and reporting of KPIs is to help operational personnel tune the BMP Suite runtime environment.
  • C. End users use BPM Composer to review reports showing the results of KPI measurement.
  • D. To see any populated business process performance dashboard charts, the project team needs to define KPIs in their models.

Answer: A

Which two statements are true about verbal rules and business phrases? (Choose two.)

  • A. You can create a verbal rule with business phrases as a column in a decision table rule.
  • B. Derived business phrases are automatically created by using facts, globals, and other information in the rules dictionary.
  • C. User-defined business phrases can be explicitly authored to augment derived phrases.
  • D. You can mark a verbal rule as draft in the Rules Editor.

Answer: BC

Derived business phrases are automatically created using facts, globals and other information in the dictionary while user-defined phrases can be explicitly authored to augment derived phrases.

To establish the integration between BPM Suite and BAM 12c, you need to .

  • A. do nothing as they are integrated out-of-the-box
  • B. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the SOA server
  • C. set the DisableProcessMetricsMBean setting to false on the BAM server
  • D. set the DisableMonitorExpressMBean setting to false on the SOA server

Answer: B

Identify the gateway type that disallows an outgoing conditional path.

  • A. Exclusive
  • B. Inclusive
  • C. Parallel
  • D. Complex

Answer: C

A Parallel Gateway creates parallel paths without checking any conditions; each outgoing Sequence Flow receives a token upon execution of this Gateway Reference: http://training-course- (See Parallel Gateway, 2nd line).

Which statement is true for a BPMN subprocesses?

  • A. It has access to the data variables of the main process.
  • B. Data have to be explicitly passed back and forth between the main process and the subprocess.
  • C. The subprocess can be reused and called from other processes.
  • D. The sequence flow inside a subprocess can be diverted and joined to the main flow without going through an end event.

Answer: C

What determines the life span of the value in a subprocess data object?

  • A. process
  • B. task
  • C. subprocess
  • D. project

Answer: D

Which two are objectives that you can achieve by using business rules to direct human workflow?

  • A. Load balance tasks among users based upon server utilization.
  • B. Redirect the process flow as specified in the PBMN model.
  • C. Escalate and reassign a task to the manager of the current assignee.
  • D. Skip all subsequent routing and mark a task as complete.

Answer: BC



Which two can be added as members of a static approval group? (Choose two.)

  • A. Users
  • B. Groups
  • C. Application roles
  • D. other approval groups
  • E. WebLogic administrators

Answer: AD

Members of a static approval group can be either users or other approval groups.


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