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Q1. Your company wants to track previous employment information for workers, including employer name, dates of employment, and job description. Which action should you perform?-

A. Create a free-form content type without a content item. 

B. Create free-form content type and a new content item. 

C. Create a new content type but a seeded content item. 

D. Use a seeded content type and a new content item. 

E. Create a new content type and content item. 


Q2. An employee accesses the application, adds a self-requestable role, and saves the transaction. However, the line manager does not receive any notification to either approve or reject it. Which option describes the cause of this issue? 

A. The security profile associated with the data role assigned to the line manager prevents any notification flowing to him. 

B. The line manager does not have the privilege to receive notifications. 

C. The role provisioning user interface and objects are not workflow-enabled. They are not currently designed to send notifications for any provisioning type. 

D. Approvals in Oracle Global Human Resources Cloud go to two levels by default. Approvals should be modified to go to the line manager. 


Q3. As an implementation consultant, you have defined multiple grades for each job and position. While defining employment terms or assignments, users must be able to select a grade only from the list that has been defined for the job or position. However, all grades are available. 

A. PER_ENFORCE_VALID_GRADES is set to Yes at site level 

B. GRADE_PAY_RATE_TYPE is set to No at site level 

C. PER_ENFORCE_VALID_GRADES is set to No at site level. 

D. PER_DEFAULT_GRADE_FROM_JOB_POSITION is set to Yes at user level 

E. PER DEFAULT GRADE FROM JOB POSITION is set to No at site level. 


Q4. Which two statements are true about Action and Action Reasons? (Choose two.) 

A. Terminations predictive analytics uses Actions and Reasons data to identify whether a termination is voluntary or involuntary. 

B. The history of effective date changes can he tracked well by using the Actions framework. 

C. It is mandatory to associate Actions with Action Reasons. 

D. There is always a one-to-one relationship between Action Type and Action. 

Answer: A,B 

Q5. A user has reported that one of his or her saved transactions was not available anymore from the transaction page. What could be the reason for this behavior? 

A. The saved transaction was withdrawn by HR. 

B. An identical transaction that was initiated for the person by another user was applied to the database. 

C. The saved transaction was rejected by the approval authority. 

D. The saved transaction was future dated. The application displays only those transactions where the transaction date is less than or equal to system date. 


18. Which two options are not methods by which a line manager can promote his subordinate "John" in the application? (Choose two.) 

A. The line manager can select My Portrait and click Promote under the Actions menu. 

B. The line manager can enter Promote John in the Person Gallery Keyword Search, which launches the promotion process automatically. 

C. The line manager can promote John from Organization Chart Actions under Personal and Employment. 

D. The line manager can access John's portrait and click Promote under the Actions menu. 

Answer: A,C 

Q6. As an HR specialist in your company, you are responsible for setting up a Performance Rating model. You navigate to the Manage Ratings model and select the seeded Performance Rating Model. 

Which Oracle HCM Cloud product exclusively uses the Review Points tab? 

A. Talent Review 

B. Performance Management 

C. Compensation Management 

D. Goal Management 


Q7. A manager checks the availability of a worker. The manager is not aware that the worker does not have a work schedule assigned. Which of the three items will be used to determine the availability of a worker? (Choose three.) 

A. Contract Data 

B. Time Sheet 

C. Absences 

D. Standard Working Hours 

E. Calendar Events 

Answer: C,D,E 

Q8. Identify the set enabled objects that are used for partitioning reference data 

A. legal entity, department, division, location 

B. jobs, grades, salary plan, rates 

C. enterprise, legal entity, business unit, position 

D. department, location, jobs, grades 


Q9. The Human Resource Representative of the organization is trying to set up the Jobs and Positions for the enterprise. What are the three options that the Human Resource Representative should be aware of regarding Jobs and Positions? {Choose three.) 

A. When using positions, the grades that are specified for the job become the default grades for the position 

B. Jobs and Positions are shared by Sets. 

C. Jobs are shared by Sets and Positions are assigned to Business Units. 

D. Positions may be added to a specific department and location. 

Answer: A,C,D 

Q10. A candidate applied for an employment opportunity with a legal employer in the past. The candidate reapplies after some time for an opportunity with a different legal employer in the same enterprise. While applying the second time, the candidate provides a new national identification value. 

Which option does the application use to check if a matching record already exists in the system? 

A. Because the national identifier has changed, the system cannot identify the matching record 

B. The application identifies a match if the first name, the first character of the last name, and date of birth are the same; or if the last name, the first character of the first name, and date of birth are the same. 

C. The application searches for the availability of date of birth and middle name to identify the matching record. 

D. The application cannot identify the matching record and there will be two person records available for further processing.