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Free demo questions for Citrix 1Y0-311 Exam Dumps Below:

How can a Citrix Engineer add a network printer to Workspace Environment Management (WEM)?

  • A. Use the Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template to specify the network printer location.
  • B. Use the Import Network Print Server option to add the print server name, then connect to the network printer.
  • C. Configure an XML printer list to add the print server, then connect to the network printer.
  • D. Add the printer in the Control Panel portion of the environmental setting

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has implemented a multi-zone environment with the following characteristics: -One Primary Zone in New York, one Satellite Zone in San Francisco and another in Singapore -Microsoft Excel Application available in all zones
-Singapore zone configured as the App Home for Microsoft Excel -San Francisco configured as the User Home for User1
User1 is currently located in the New York zone, and clicks the icon for Microsoft Excel in Receiver. User1 does NOT have any existing sessions in the environment.
Based on this scenario, a new session will be launched in . (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence).

  • A. Singapore
  • B. San Francisco
  • C. The VDA with the lowest load index
  • D. New York

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer has enabled Local Host Cache in a XenDesktop Site to manage outage situations.
Which three resources are supported by the Local Host Cache at the time of a database outage? (Choose three.)

  • A. Pooled VDI desktops created by Machine Creation Services (MCS)
  • B. Server-Hosted applications
  • C. Server-Hosted desktop
  • D. Static (assigned) desktops
  • E. Pooled VDI desktops created by Provisioning Services (PVS)

Answer: BCD

Users complain that it is taking longer to access applications now than it did last week. What is the best way to determine what changed from last week to this week?

  • A. Review Configuration Logging data.
  • B. ReviewEdgeSight troubleshooting data.
  • C. Review EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring data.
  • D. Review published application properties from a previous version of the datastore with the current versio

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to implement Workspace Environment Management (WEM) into an existing XenDesktop infrastructure. The current infrastructure utilizes a large number of Active Directory (AD) object configurations to manage user and group settings.
The engineer first needs to review the current AD infrastructure for any identical configurations and settings that may cause conflicts with WEM.
Which two specific pre-existing objects should the engineer review? (Choose two.)

  • A. AD Logon Scripts
  • B. AD Domain Trusts
  • C. AD Group Policy Settings
  • D. AD Sites and Services

Answer: BC

Which three methods can a Citrix Engineer use to add target devices to a device collection? (Choose three.)

  • A. Manually add the target devices.
  • B. Add machines to a machine catalog.
  • C. Import them from a .CSV file.
  • D. Complete the Auto-Add wizard.
  • E. Create the target devices using a master templat

Answer: ACD

In which scenario should a Citrix Engineer use the Streamed VM Setup wizard instead of the XenDesktop Setup wizard?

  • A. When using the client-side write cache
  • B. When automatically adding virtual machines to a machine catalog
  • C. When integrating XenApp 6.5
  • D. When using the BDM Disk Partition boot method

Answer: C

Scenario: When configuring a Web Interface site, an administrator configures port 8000 for Citrix XML Service communications. During internal testing, the administrator sees that application enumeration does NOT occur. Where else does the administrator need to configure the Citrix XML Service port?

  • A. Farm properties.
  • B. Citrix Computer policy.
  • C. Worker Group properties.
  • D. Citrix Receiver propertie

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is managing an existing XenDesktop and Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure. The engineer performed recent benchmarks on all the user applications. As a result of this investigation, the engineer determined that some applications are consuming excess memory even when
they are idle and NOT actively being utilized by users. This results in performance degradation of active applications. Which step can the engineer take to help improve the performance degradation of active applications?

  • A. Enable Working Set Optimization and set Idle State Limit to 10 minutes.
  • B. Enable Process I/O Priority and add Specified Processes.
  • C. Enable Working Set Optimization and set Idle Sample Time to 10 minutes.
  • D. Enable Working Set Optimization and Exclude Specified Processe

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer needs to map a network drive for the HR user group, but does NOT want the network drive to be available to Windows XP users.
Which step can the engineer take within Workspace Environment Management (WEM) to complete this task?

  • A. Add the Infrastructure Services server ADMX template to the Active Directory group policy and configure the network drive setting in a GP
  • B. Then apply a filter to assign the No Client OS Match condition to Windows XP and assign the GPO to the OU containing the HR users.
  • C. Add the network drive in the WEM environmental settings and apply the No Client OS Match condition to Windows X
  • D. Then assign environmental setting to the HR user group.
  • E. Use the Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template to specify the network drive locatio
  • F. Then apply a filter to assign the No Client OS Match condition to Windows XP and a second filter to assign the Active Directory Group Match to the HR user group.
  • G. Create an action mapping the network drive and apply the No Client OS Match condition to Windows X
  • H. Then assign the action to the HP user group.

Answer: A

What is the default priority order for selecting the preferred zone in a multi-zone XenApp and XenDesktop environment?

  • A. User Location; Application Home; User Home
  • B. User Home; Application Home; User Location
  • C. Application Home, User Home; User Location
  • D. User Location; User Home; Application Home
  • E. Application Home; User Location; User Home

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer installed and configured two Provisioning Services servers to guarantee high availability.
One of the Provisioning Services servers experienced failure and now the write cache is no longer available for the target devices.
Which write cache location is currently being used in this environment?

  • A. On a fileshare connected to both Provisioning Services servers
  • B. On the local disk of both provisioning Services servers
  • C. On a persistent disk attached to the virtual desktop
  • D. In the RAM of the virtual desktop

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix XenApp Administrator configured the audio quality to low in a Citrix Group Policy Object and applied it to all the XenApp servers in the farm. A few weeks later, another administrator from the team created an OU Group Policy Object and set the audio quality to high.
The administrator applied the policy object to the OU that contains all the XenApp servers in the farm. What would be the audio quality for all the XenApp servers using precedence for the resultant policy?

  • A. The audio quality will change every week after the weekly restart phase.
  • B. The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to low quality.
  • C. The audio on all the XenApp servers in the farm will be set to high quality.
  • D. Some servers will be set to use low quality audio, and the others will be set to use high quality audi

Answer: C

1Y0-311 dumps exhibit
1Y0-311 dumps exhibit
Scenario: A Citrix Engineer recently implemented XenDesktop in an environment. The environment has a provisioned Windows 10 virtual desktop layered with the help of Enterprise Layer Manager (ELM) and provisioned through Machine Creation Services (MCS).
Which set of files will be presented to the operating system through the composite file system merging process according to the diagram?

  • A. OS Layer –C.DAT &
  • B. DATApp Layer- DAT &
  • C. DATUser Layer –
  • D. DAT & DAT
  • E. OS Layer –
  • F. DATApp Layer- DAT &
  • G. DATUser Layer –DAT,
  • H. DAT &
  • I. DAT
  • J. OS Layer –DAT &
  • K. DATApp Layer- DAT &
  • L. DATUser Layer –
  • M. DAT &
  • N. DAT
  • O. OS Layer –DAT,
  • P. DAT &
  • Q. DATApp Layer- DAT &
  • R. DATUser Layer –
  • S. DAT

Answer: C

Which Provisioning Services infrastructure component must a Citrix Engineer configure first during the initial deployment?

  • A. Site
  • B. Farm
  • C. Device collection
  • D. Store

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix user is connecting to a Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) in an environment where Flash redirection is enabled for the entire Site with the default settings. However, the HDX protocol is NOT able to determine network security.
What will occur when the user attempts to access Flash content within the user session for the first time?

  • A. A dialog box appear and lets the user choose how Flash is handled for that session.
  • B. No dialog box appears and Flash content is automatically played on the server.
  • C. A dialog box appears and lets the user choose how Flash is handled for future sessions.
  • D. No dialog box appears and Flash content is automatically played on the client devic

Answer: C

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