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Henry is the network manager at XYY Corporation, a large manufacturing company that competes in the global market. The company’s computing environment is extremely complex and includes several proprietary software systems, all of which require custom configuration of network devices to operate correctly. The company’s executive management team believes that they can benefit by switching the company over to any cloud-based service. Henry disagrees.
What is a disadvantage of cloud-based services that Henry can cite to support his position?

  • A. Cloud-based services provide no maintenance or support.

  • B. Cloud-based services are typically more costly than in-house solutions.

  • C. The company must typically purchase additional servers to support connections to these types of cloud-based service providers.

  • D. Cloud-based services are typically more limited in offerings and configurations than the company currently supports in-house.

Answer: D

Consider the network configuration shown in the command prompt:
1D0-61C dumps exhibit
What does the Default Gateway identify?

  • A. The file server on the network

  • B. The local host on the network

  • C. The computer on the network

  • D. The router on the network

Answer: D

The Internet has enabled many new anti-social activities, such as online stalking, cyberbullying, and addiction to solitary online activities. Which choice is the most feasible way for schools and parents to reduce cyberbullying?

  • A. Monitor, track and record all online activity conducted by students.

  • B. Teach teens that the use of online communication is a freedom of expression.

  • C. Prevent students from accessing the Internet while at school so that they learn good habits.

  • D. Educate students about cyber-ethics and the consequences of questionable online behavior.

Answer: D

Which term describes a compact personal computer that relies on a touch screen forinput, generally uses a solid-state drive instead of a traditional hard disk, and relies on wireless or mobile networks for connectivity?

  • A. Tablet

  • B. Laptop

  • C. Netbook

  • D. Portable media player

Answer: A

You are a computer technician supporting a small 15-computer Internet lab. The computers are regularly used to browse the Internet and download files. Users have recently complained that they receive error messages saying the hard disk is full or out of space. You suspect this is a result of a large amount of temporary Internet files. Which of the following is a way to easily delete all the temporary Internet files?

  • A. Disk cleanup

  • B. fdisk command

  • C. chkdsk command

  • D. Disk defragmentation

Answer: A

Configuring a wireless network involves several steps. Which of the following is a task that should be performed to configure and connect to a wireless network?

  • A. Configure a certificate authority and configure the trust settings.

  • B. Configure the wireless AP’s SSID, encryption level and shared key.

  • C. Connect your computer to the same network hub as the wireless AP.

  • D. Connect your computer to the same network switch as the wireless AP.

Answer: B

Selena has run out of memory on her phone’s SD card. She has decided to store the files she has accumulated on a third-party cloud service provider’s drives. Which of the following is a typical issue that she may encounter?

  • A. The files become corrupted due to an attack from a hacker botnet.

  • B. The files become unavailable whenever Internet connectivity is lost.

  • C. The files become unavailable because they are being shared with other users.

  • D. The files become corrupted because the provider uses a proprietary compression algorithm during transit.

Answer: B

You are a small-business owner and would like to encourage employees to bring their own devices (BYOD) to work. Which of the following can help reduce the security risks associated with a BYOD implementation?

  • A. Expense accounts

  • B. Acceptable use policy

  • C. End user license agreement

  • D. In-house device maintenance

Answer: B

Selena has decided to change a 32-character unique wireless network name on her wireless router to improve network security after a break-in. She is following advice from CERT to make this change in order to avoid attacks from botnets. Which of the following settings would she modify?

  • A. Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) signal

  • B. Media Access Control (MAC) address

  • C. Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

  • D. Service Set Identifier (SSID)

Answer: D

What does the following represent?

  • A. A MAC address

  • B. AnIPv4address

  • C. An IPv6 address

  • D. An IP diagnostic loopback address

Answer: C

Jose is experiencing performance problems with his notebook computer that he purchased a year ago. Upon discussing this issue with him, you learn that he has never deleted any temporary files since owning the device. What can Jose do to fix this problem most efficiently?

  • A. Reformat his hard drive.

  • B. Use the Windows chkdsk utility.

  • C. Use the Windows Disk Cleanup utility.

  • D. Back up his computer and delete the active partition.

Answer: C

You are distributing a large video game file using BitTorrent. First, you upload the initial file and make it available via a central server called a tracker. Other users can then connect to the tracker and download the file. Each user who downloads the file makesit available to other users todownload. The use of BitTorrent significantly reduces the original provider’s hardware and bandwidth resource costs. BitTorrent is an example of what type of network?

  • A. Centralized network

  • B. Client-server network

  • C. Peer-to-peer (P2P) network

  • D. Virtual private network (VPN)

Answer: C

Which type of attack involves the installation of malicious code on personal computers or servers that redirects Internet traffic from a legitimate Web site to an identical-looking but malicious imposter Web site?

  • A. Pharming

  • B. Spoofing

  • C. Phishing

  • D. Replay

Answer: A

SuperBank is considering a cloud service from Local Data Center, Inc., to support the bank’s expanding needs. SuperBank’s managers are concerned about security. What can SuperBank request to protect its data from security threats?

  • A. For Local Data Center to run multiple hypervisors

  • B. For Local Data Center to install a DDoS mitigation system

  • C. For SuperBank staff to manage the servers at Local Data Center, Inc.

  • D. For SuperBank to perform background checks on the staff at Local Data Center, Inc.

Answer: D

Carlos is the Information Technology (IT) administrator for a small company. Over the past year, employees have been using their personal mobile devices and smartphones for business use. This has reduced costs of purchasing new devices for employees. Carlos is now considering whether he should stop supplying employees with company phones and instead require all employees to use their personal smartphones for work. How can Carlos address the most significant security vulnerability?

  • A. Develop a robust app to push security updates out to the various mobile OS devices

  • B. Create an employee policy that requires employees to keep phones updated to the latest technology

  • C. Create a policy that specifies acceptable use, ensuring security measures are in place for mobile devices

  • D. Mandate that employees switch to the company’s mobile service provider to ensure security policies are enforced

Answer: C

You want to restrict host access to a wireless access point. What is the best way to do this?

  • A. Enable MAC address filtering at each host.

  • B. Log in to the access point and configure features, such as changing the SSID.

  • C. Change the Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) signal at both the access point and each hosts NIC.

  • D. Install software on the host you want to limit, then use a Web browser to log in to the host and configure it with the necessary settings to use the access point.

Answer: B

The Windows Device Manager is a tool that enables you to perform a variety of tasks, including:

  • A. Map to a printer.

  • B. Ping anIPaddress.

  • C. Defragment a hard drive.

  • D. Change a resource assignment.

Answer: D

Which term describes the practice of actively collecting wireless networking data from companies and individuals?

  • A. War driving

  • B. Spear phishing

  • C. Dictionary attack

  • D. Social engineering

Answer: A

On your Windows laptop, you store all your vacation photos and your entire digital music library. Concerned about data loss, you perform frequent backups. Your laptop has recently been stolen and you need to restore your files to a desktop computer. Which Windows tool would you use to recover and set up the saved copies of your files onto your desktop computer?

  • A. Backup and Restore

  • B. Backup Recovery

  • C. System Recovery

  • D. System Restore

Answer: A

Server-based networks typically contain centralized network resources, which are usually not available on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Which of the following examples describes a serverbased network?

  • A. Three network clients connecting to a file server

  • B. Downloading a file by using BitTorrent technology

  • C. Sharing one or more files to another computer via the Internet

  • D. A client connecting to another computer over the Internet to share music

Answer: A

Mobile computing has become a common necessity for both personal and business transactions. Which device has features similar to a smartphone but usually does not have telephone capabilities?

  • A. Portable media player

  • B. Netbook

  • C. Laptop

  • D. Tablet

Answer: D

What is the biggest security concern with wireless networks?

  • A. Firewall software is not available for access points.

  • B. Wireless encryption algorithms must be implemented.

  • C. Wireless networks do not support intrusion detection.

  • D. Wireless networks do not support encryption via an access point.

Answer: B

A friend has called you about a possible computer problem because her computer is acting strangely. Sounds play unexpectedly, the monitor turns off suddenly, the hard-drive light flashes constantly, the computer sometimes reboots itself without warning. When you inspect your friend’s system, you notice that several ports are open. Which of the following is most likely the cause of these symptoms?

  • A. The computer has been infected with a polymorphic virus.

  • B. The computer is experiencing a denial-of-service attack.

  • C. The computer has been infected with an illicit server.

  • D. The computer has been infected by a worm.

Answer: C

Security attacks can vary greatly. Which type of attack is characterized as an attempt to trick an individual into revealing confidential or private information?

  • A. Trojan

  • B. Spoofing

  • C. Man in the middle

  • D. Social engineering

Answer: D

When a PC computer device wants to communicate with the processor, which system resource does it use?

  • A. I/O

  • B. DMA

  • C. PIO

  • D. IRQ

Answer: D


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