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New CIW 1D0-610 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. Which of the following statements about virtualization is true?

A. Virtualization enables multiple physical computers to run off of a single virtualized server.

B. In virtualization, you run multiple virtual machines, provided they all use the same operating system.

C. In virtualization, the operating systems of the virtual machines should match the host operating system.

D. Virtualization enables you to run multiple operating systems and applications on a single computer.

Answer: D

Q3. Which of the following computer system maintenance tasks can help improve file access performance?

A. Use a SCSI drive instead of a SATA drive

B. Use a SATA drive instead of an EIDE drive

C. Defragment the drive using the following command: fdisk -d -w c:/

D. Defragment the drive using the following command: defrag c: -w

Answer: D

Q4. When developing a Web site, which of the following actions would be considered unethical?

A. Borrowing music from another site with the owneru2019s written permission

B. Creating new code that provides a look and feel similar to another site

C. Linking your site to another site with permission

D. Copying some code from another Web site

Answer: D

Q5. Henry is the network manager at XYY Corporation, a large manufacturing company that competes in the global market. The companyu2019s computing environment is extremely complex and includes several proprietary software systems, all of which require custom configuration of network devices to operate correctly. The companyu2019s executive management team believes that they can benefit by switching the company over to any cloud-based service. Henry disagrees. What is a disadvantage of cloud-based services that Henry can cite to support his position?

A. Cloud-based services provide no maintenance or support.

B. Cloud-based services are typically more costly than in-house solutions.

C. The company must typically purchase additional servers to support connections to these types of cloud-based service providers.

D. Cloud-based services are typically more limited in offerings and configurations than the company currently supports in-house.

Answer: D

Q6. Marion is formatting a simple Web page. She has been asked to create headings before the first and third paragraphs. To accomplish this most efficiently, which type of HTML elements should Marion use?

A. Text-level elements

B. Block quote elements

C. Fixed-width font elements

D. Paragraph-level elements

Answer: D

Q7. You are creating a style sheet to format the pages on your companyu2019s Web site. One section will have a black background with white text. What is the hexadecimal reference you would use to specify the text color for this portion of the Web page?

A. u201cwhiteu201d

B. #000000


D. u201c255, 255, 255u201d

Answer: C

Q8. Server-based networks typically contain centralized network resources, which are usually not available on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. Which of the following examples describes a server based network?

A. Three network clients connecting to a file server

B. Downloading a file by using Bit Torrent technology

C. Sharing one or more files to another computer via the Internet

D. A client connecting to another computer over the Internet to share music

Answer: A

Q9. The official CIW Web site has an IP address of Which technology allows Web users to enter the URL www.ClWcert/u/ecl,com in the browser address bar to access the site, instead of having to remember and enter the IP address?





Answer: B

Q10. Which of the following is a disadvantage of implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in a company?

A. Increased cost for licensing mobile applications

B. Configuring the corporate e-mail server to work with mobile devices

C. Inability to control access to company data if the device is stolen or lost

D. Providing training for employees on how to use mobile devices with company applications

Answer: C

Q11. When you are using stock images in your Web site, a royalty-free license allows you to:

A. use the images without paying a fee for each use.

B. resell or transfer the images without paying a fee.

C. use the images without purchasing a license.

D. assume copyright of the images.

Answer: A

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