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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q1. Reba has been hired to design a Web site for a manufacturer of digital pianos. She plans to build a site that uses visual elements and white space to create an attractive, usable source of information for prospective customers. To ensure visual balance and effective usability on the company's home page, Reba decides to place a large picture with a dark

background on the right side of the page, and to add a vertical menu of navigational links to the left side. Which of the following best describes the type of visual balance Reba plans to use?

A. Radial

B. Distributed

C. Symmetrical

D. Asymmetrical

Answer: D

Q2. You have been asked to insert an image named kayak.jpg in a Web page. Which of the following code examples will validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional?

A. <img src=kayak.jpg alt=kayak />

B. <img src=kayak.jpg desc=kayak />

C. <img src=kayak.jpg alt=kayak></img>

D. <img ref=kayak.jpg desc=kayak></img>

Answer: A

Q3. David has designed a home page for an e-commerce Web site. At the left side of the page is a large block of text with product names and prices. The right side features a detailed 100-pixel-by-200-pixel photo of a sample product. David decides that his page appears to be balanced. How did the two elements balance each other?

A. By size

B. By color

C. By value

D. By shape

Answer: D

Q4. Marcus is designing a site and wants to use a ready-made template from a Web development application. One consequence of using predesigned templates is that:

A. they infringe on copyrights.

B. they interfere with the design process.

C. they are unlikely to fulfill all design specifications.

D. they contain business logic that cannot be modified.

Answer: C

Q5. Egon is a member of a site development team hired by a skydiving center to establish a Web presence. Of the following specifications, which would best indicate the accessibility,

interactivity and search features that Egon recommends?

A. Design specification

B. Content specification

C. Architecture specification

D. Functionality specification

Answer: D

Q6. Image slicing involves:

A. selecting rectangular sections of a larger graphic to be divided into smaller images during export.

B. creating an animated GIF file from a single large image file to decrease perceived download time.

C. merging several small image files into a single large image file to simplify placement on the Web page.

D. selecting sections of a single image and saving them as separate JPG files in a specially created folder.

Answer: A

Q7. Alma has been asked to upgrade the pages on her Web site to XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Which of the following tags must she alter on each page?

A. The <head> tag

B. The <span> tag

C. The <meta> tag

D. The <!DOCTYPE> tag

Answer: D

Q8. Kellee wants to determine which areas of her company's Web site attract visitors, and the frequency with which those areas are visited. Which of the following is the best way for her to determine these facts?

A. Monitor network traffic during peak hours.

B. Place a hit counter on each page of the Web site.

C. Analyze the Web site server logs to measure page access.

D. Call users and ask them which sections of the site they visit often.

Answer: C

Q9. Which of the following will best protect a server from Web server vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers?

A. Using strong passwords

B. Installing updates (for example, service packs)

C. Using the POST method instead of the GET method for a Web form

D. Using the GET method instead of the POST method for a Web form

Answer: B

Q10. Mikala is designing a Web site for TLP Building Supply. The company's CEO is impressed by Flash introductions and blinking marquees, and she wants to use them on the TLP site. Mikala knows from reviewing the site audience surveys that the TLP audience prefers easy navigation and a simple design. How can Mikala balance the CEO's preferences with the audience's needs?

A. Discuss the survey results and develop the site mission with the CEO, and then design the site.

B. Design the site according to W3C standards, and then meet with the CEO after the site is completed.

C. Convince the CEO that blinking marquees and Flash ineffectively convey a Web site's message and should not be used.

D. Implement the CEO's suggestions for including the latest technologies because the primary responsibility of a Web designer is to give customers what they


Answer: A

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