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New CIW 1D0-520 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. The primary purpose of a plug-in is to:

A. take the form of a new user interface to process multimedia files through an encoding application.

B. extend the functionality of the user's browser by providing seamless integration of multimedia formats.

C. test the user's browser and upgrade, if needed, to a browser version that supports multimedia formats.

D. identify the version of the user's operating system to determine which multimedia formats are supported.

Answer: B

Q2. During a project meeting, Anna is explaining the requirements for a development server. Which of the following items should be identical between the development server and the production server?

A. The motherboard chip set

B. The operating system configuration

C. The manufacturer of the hard disk drive

D. The amount of unused space on the hard disk drive

Answer: B

Q3. Which of the following is the common name for the practice hackers use to trick people into revealing sensitive information?

A. Social engineering

B. Identity exploitation

C. Information probing

D. Intellectual deception

Answer: A

Q4. You have created a style sheet and applied it to every Web page on your site. After reviewing the updated pages, you notice that not all of the styles implemented by the style sheet were applied to some of the pages. Which of the following is the most plausible reason for this?

A. One style sheet cannot be applied to multiple pages.

B. Certain styles cannot be rendered the same on all pages.

C. Linked styles will be overridden by embedded or inline styles on the page.

D. Your site uses multiple linked style sheets, which are conflicting with one another.

Answer: C

Q5. Which of the following elements is the best way to make a Web page easier to read and to get your content across to Web users?

A. Implement white space to reduce clutter.

B. Use a Flash presentation to represent content.

C. Implement a sans-serif font to make the page easier to read.

D. Use several high-end graphics instead of lengthy sentences to represent content.

Answer: A

Q6. Which of the following is true with regard to creating an XML application?

A. The application must always be run from a Web server.

B. XML must always be embedded with XHTML, not HTML.

C. The tags can use uppercase and lowercase characters.

D. The application must be able to determine page structure if it is used on a Web page.

Answer: C

Q7. Which of the following is the minimal requirement for an XML document?

A. It must be delimited.

B. It must be well-formed.

C. It must be embedded within HTML code.

D. It must be embedded within XHTML code.

Answer: B

Q8. You have included a check box on a registration Web page that users accessing your site can select to receive periodic bulk e-mail from your company. What must you include in your bulk e-mail messages to your subscribers?

A. An opt-out option to discontinue receiving the messages

B. An opt-in option to receive similar messages from related companies

C. A section in which recipients can provide feedback about the company

D. Coupons for product specials that can be printed and redeemed on future purchases

Answer: A

Q9. Some of your site's users have called to complain that they do not understand the policy for shipping charges. Initially, the Web team created a pop-up window that appears at the point of purchase, designed to explain the shipping charge policy. Why did some of these users fail to get this message?

A. Because antivirus software blocked the pop-ups

B. Because newer browsers have automatic pop-up blockers

C. Because firewalls blocked the client-side scripts that create pop-ups

D. Because firewalls blocked the server-side scripts that create pop-ups

Answer: B

Q10. Consuela is updating her company's Web site. She wants to add an image that is 1,414 pixels by 724 pixels. Her site audience generally uses a monitor resolution of 1024x768. Using Fireworks, how can she adjust the image to fit the users' monitors?

A. Resample the image to adjust the print size.

B. Resample the image to increase the resolution.

C. Resample the image to decrease the color depth.

D. Resample the image to decrease the pixel dimensions.

Answer: D

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