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New CIW 1D0-435 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. JavaScript contains both Keywords that you must use to achieve specific results and Reserved words that you are not permitted to use for variable or function




Answer: A

Q2. Nadir has created several new instances of custom objects. How can he now allow access to this information with a Web browser?

A. He must create an object method that allows synchronization with the rest of the code.

B. He must declare the new objects and define their permissions.

C. He must create an object method that allows the viewing of the object.

D. He must define the object in the series of pages preceding it in the hierarchy of pages within his Web site.

Answer: C

Q3. Consider the following script:



var name;

name=prompt("What is your name?" , ""); alert("Hello, " + name +".");

// -->


What does this script do in terms of the use of the variable "name"?

A. The variable value is assigned via the prompt method, and then displayed via the alert method.

B. The variable value is assigned via the prompt method.

C. Nothing. This script would result in an error.

D. The variable value is assigned via the alert method.

Answer: A

Q4. The main event handler associated with the checkbox object is .

A. Click

B. onReset

C. onClick

D. onSubmit

Answer: C

Q5. Consider the following HTML:


Which method of the String object is used to write the JavaScript equivalent to this HTML?

A. blink()

B. sub()

C. italics()

D. fixed()

Answer: D

Q6. The method, allows you to create text that is dynamically written to the window as the script is executed.

A. document.write()

B. document.prompt()

C. prompt()

D. document.input()

Answer: A

Q7. Which of the following is the correct way to test for the presence of a cookie?

A. test(document.cookie);

B. alert(document.cookie);

C. document.cookie

D. prompt(document.cookie);

Answer: B

Q8. The object is used to reflect information about the browser being used. This object can determine the brand and version of the browser in use, as well as the user's operating system.

A. navigator

B. userAgent

C. useNav

D. version

Answer: A

Q9. To instantiate new instances of an object you need the new keyword, the function name, and a list of values.



Answer: B

Q10. The continue statement can only be used within a .

A. for or a while loop

B. for loop

C. for or a next loop

D. while statement

Answer: A

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