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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. You want to store the GAiA configuration in a file for later reference. What command should you use?

A. write mem <filename>

B. show config u2013f <filename>

C. save config u2013o <filename>

D. save configuration <filename>

Answer: D

Q3. Before upgrading SecurePlatform to GAiA, you should create a backup. To save time, many administrators use the command backup. This creates a backup of the Check Point configuration as well as the system configuration.

An administrator has installed the latest HFA on the system for fixing traffic problem after creating a backup file. There is a mistake in the very complex static routing configuration. The Check Point configuration has not been changed. Can the administrator use a restore to fix the errors in static routing?

A. The restore is not possible because the backup file does not have the same build number (version).

B. The restore is done by selecting Snapshot Management from the boot menu of GAiA.

C. The restore can be done easily by the command restore and copying netconf.C from the production environment.

D. A backup cannot be restored, because the binary files are missing.

Answer: C

Q4. The command useful for debugging by capturing packet information, including verifying LDAP authentication on all Check Point platforms is


fw monitor

Q5. Because of pre-existing design constraints, you set up manual NAT rules for your HTTP server. However, your FTP server and SMTP server are both using automatic NAT rules. All traffic from your FTP and SMTP servers are passing through the Security Gateway without a problem, but traffic from the Web server is dropped on rule 0 because of anti-spoofing settings. What is causing this?

A. Manual NAT rules are not configured correctly.

B. Allow bi-directional NAT is not checked in Global Properties.

C. Routing is not configured correctly.

D. Translate destination on client side is not checked in Global Properties under Manual NAT Rules.

Answer: D

Q6. To qualify as an Identity Awareness enabled rule, which column MAY include an Access Role?

A. Action

B. Source

C. User

D. Track

Answer: B

Q7. Type the full fw command and syntax that allows you to disable only sync on a cluster firewall member. Answer:

fw ctl setsync off


Q8. You are running a R80 Security Gateway on GAiA. In case of a hardware failure, you have a server with the exact same hardware and firewall version installed. What back up method could be used to quickly put the secondary firewall into production?

A. manual backup

B. upgrade_export

C. backup

D. snapshot

Answer: D

Q9. Fill in the blank. To verify that a VPN Tunnel is properly established, use the command _____


vpn tunnelutil

Q10. Write the full fw command and syntax that you would use to troubleshoot ClusterXL sync issues. fw tab Answer:

-s -t connections


Q11. What command with appropriate switches would you use to test Identity Awareness connectivity?

A. test_ldap

B. test_ad_connectivity

C. test_ldap_connectivity

D. test_ad

Answer: B

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