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When doing a Stand-Alone Installation, you would install the Security Management Server with which other Check Point architecture component?

  • A. None, Security Management Server would be installed by itself.
  • B. SmartConsole
  • C. SecureClient
  • D. SmartEvent

Answer: D

Explanation: There are different deployment scenarios for Check Point software products.
Standalone Deployment - The Security Management Server and the Security Gateway are installed on the same computer or appliance.

What is a reason for manual creation of a NAT rule?

  • A. In R80 all Network Address Translation is done automatically and there is no need for manually defined NAT-rules.
  • B. Network Address Translation of RFC1918-compliant networks is needed to access the Internet.
  • C. Network Address Translation is desired for some services, but not for others.
  • D. The public IP-address is different from the gateway’s external IP

Answer: D

ABC Corp has a new administrator who logs into the Gaia Portal to make some changes. He realizes that even though he has logged in as an administrator, he is unable to make any changes because all configuration options are greyed out as shown in the screenshot image below. What is the likely cause for this?
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  • A. The Gaia /bin/confd is locked by another administrator from a SmartConsole session.
  • B. The database is locked by another administrator SSH session.
  • C. The Network address of his computer is in the blocked hosts.
  • D. The IP address of his computer is not in the allowed hosts.

Answer: B

Explanation: There is a lock on top left side of the screen. B is the logical answer.

What is the purpose of Captive Portal?

  • A. It provides remote access to SmartConsole
  • B. It manages user permission in SmartConsole
  • C. It authenticates users, allowing them access to the Internet and corporate resources
  • D. It authenticates users, allowing them access to the Gaia OS

Answer: C

Explanation: Captive Portal – a simple method that authenticates users through a web interface before granting them access to Intranet resources. When users try to access a protected resource, they get a web page that
must be filled out to continue.
Reference : https://www.checkpoint.com/products/identity-awareness-software-blade/

Fill in the blank: The IPS policy for pre-R80 gateways is installed during the _____.

  • A. Firewall policy install
  • B. Threat Prevention policy install
  • C. Anti-bot policy install
  • D. Access Control policy install

Answer: B

Explanation: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/R80/CP_R80BC_ThreatPrevention/html_frameset.htm?topic=documents

Tom has been tasked to install Check Point R80 in a distributed deployment. Before Tom installs the systems this way, how many machines will he need if he does NOT include a SmartConsole machine in his calculations?

  • A. One machine, but it needs to be installed using SecurePlatform for compatibility purposes.
  • B. One machine
  • C. Two machines
  • D. Three machines

Answer: C

Explanation: One for Security Management Server and the other one for the Security Gateway.

NAT can NOT be configured on which of the following objects?

  • A. HTTP Logical Server
  • B. Gateway
  • C. Address Range
  • D. Host

Answer: A

Which one of these features is NOT associated with the Check Point URL Filtering and Application Control Blade?

  • A. Detects and blocks malware by correlating multiple detection engines before users are affected.
  • B. Configure rules to limit the available network bandwidth for specified users or groups.
  • C. Use UserCheck to help users understand that certain websites are against the company’s security policy.
  • D. Make rules to allow or block applications and Internet sites for individual applications, categories, and risk levels.

Answer: A

What is NOT an advantage of Packet Filtering?

  • A. Low Security and No Screening above Network Layer
  • B. Application Independence
  • C. High Performance
  • D. Scalability

Answer: A

Explanation: Packet Filter Advantages and Disadvantages
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Using mgmt_cli, what is the correct syntax to import a host object called Server_1 from the CLI?

  • A. mgmt_cli add-host “Server_1” ip_address “” --format txt
  • B. mgmt_cli add host name “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json
  • C. mgmt_cli add object-host “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json
  • D. mgmt_cli add object “Server_1” ip_address “” --format json

Answer: A

Which of the following technologies extracts detailed information from packets and stores that information in state tables?

  • A. INSPECT Engine
  • B. Stateful Inspection
  • C. Packet Filtering
  • D. Application Layer Firewall

Answer: B

Fill in the blanks: In the Network policy layer, the default action for the Implied last rule is ___ all traffic. However, in the Application Control policy layer, the default action is _____ all traffic.

  • A. Accept; redirect
  • B. Accept; drop
  • C. Redirect; drop
  • D. Drop; accept

Answer: D

According to Check Point Best Practice, when adding a 3rd party gateway to a Check Point security solution what object SHOULD be added? A(n):

  • A. Interoperable Device
  • B. Network Node
  • C. Externally managed gateway
  • D. Gateway

Answer: A

There are 4 ways to use the Management API for creating host object with R80 Management API. Which one is NOT correct?

  • A. Using Web Services
  • B. Using Mgmt_cli tool
  • C. Using CLISH
  • D. Using SmartConsole GUI console

Answer: C

You have just installed your Gateway and want to analyze the packet size distribution of your traffic with SmartView Monitor.
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Unfortunately, you get the message:
“There are no machines that contain Firewall Blade and SmartView Monitor”.
What should you do to analyze the packet size distribution of your traffic? Give the BEST answer.
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  • A. Purchase the SmartView Monitor license for your Security Management Server.
  • B. Enable Monitoring on your Security Management Server.
  • C. Purchase the SmartView Monitor license for your Security Gateway.
  • D. Enable Monitoring on your Security Gateway.

Answer: D

Using ClusterXL, what statement is true about the Sticky Decision Function?

  • A. Can only be changed for Load Sharing implementations
  • B. All connections are processed and synchronized by the pivot
  • C. Is configured using cpconfig
  • D. Is only relevant when using SecureXL

Answer: A

Your bank's distributed R77 installation has Security Gateways up for renewal. Which SmartConsole application will tell you which Security Gateways have licenses that will expire within the next 30 days?

  • A. SmartView Tracker
  • B. SmartPortal
  • C. SmartUpdate
  • D. SmartDashboard

Answer: C

In order to modify Security Policies the administrator can use which of the following tools? Select the BEST answer.

  • A. Command line of the Security Management Server or mgmt_cli.exe on any Windows computer.
  • B. SmartConsole and WebUI on the Security Management Server.
  • C. mgmt_cli or WebUI on Security Gateway and SmartConsole on the Security Management Server.
  • D. SmartConsole or mgmt_cli on any computer where SmartConsole is installed.

Answer: D

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