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Review the rules. Assume domain UDP is enabled in the implied rules.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit
What happens when a user from the internal network tries to browse to the internet using HTTP? The user:

  • A. can connect to the Internet successfully after being authenticated.
  • B. is prompted three times before connecting to the Internet successfully.
  • C. can go to the Internet after Telnetting to the client authentication daemon port 259.
  • D. can go to the Internet, without being prompted for authentication.

Answer: D

AdminA and AdminB are both logged in on SmartConsole. What does it mean if AdminB sees a locked icon on a rule? Choose the BEST answer.

  • A. Rule is locked by AdminA, because the save bottom has not been press.
  • B. Rule is locked by AdminA, because an object on that rule is been edited.
  • C. Rule is locked by AdminA, and will make it available if session is published.
  • D. Rule is locked by AdminA, and if the session is saved, rule will be available

Answer: C

What action can be performed from SmartUpdate R77?

  • A. upgrade_export
  • B. fw stat -1
  • C. cpinfo
  • D. remote_uninstall_verifier

Answer: C

Which of the following actions do NOT take place in IKE Phase 1?

  • A. Peers agree on encryption method.
  • B. Diffie-Hellman key is combined with the key material to produce the symmetrical IPsec key.
  • C. Peers agree on integrity method.
  • D. Each side generates a session key from its private key and peer's public key.

Answer: B

An administrator is creating an IPsec site-to-site VPN between his corporate office and branch office. Both offices are protected by Check Point Security Gateway managed by the same Security Management Server. While configuring the VPN community to specify the pre-shared secret the administrator found that the check box to enable pre-shared secret is shared and cannot be enabled. Why does it not allow him to specify the pre-shared secret?

  • A. IPsec VPN blade should be enabled on both Security Gateway.
  • B. Pre-shared can only be used while creating a VPN between a third party vendor and Check Point Security Gateway.
  • C. Certificate based Authentication is the only authentication method available between two Security Gateway managed by the same SMS.
  • D. The Security Gateways are pre-R75.40.

Answer: C

What statement is true regarding Visitor Mode?

  • A. VPN authentication and encrypted traffic are tunneled through port TCP 443.
  • B. Only ESP traffic is tunneled through port TCP 443.
  • C. Only Main mode and Quick mode traffic are tunneled on TCP port 443.
  • D. All VPN traffic is tunneled through UDP port 4500.

Answer: A

Which type of Check Point license is tied to the IP address of a specific Security Gateway and cannot be transferred to a gateway that has a different IP address?

  • A. Central
  • B. Corporate
  • C. Formal
  • D. Local

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: The tool ____ generates a R80 Security Gateway configuration report.

  • A. infoCP
  • B. infoview
  • C. cpinfo
  • D. fw cpinfo

Answer: C

Explanation: CPInfo is an auto-updatable utility that collects diagnostics data on a customer's machine at the time of execution and uploads it to Check Point servers (it replaces the standalone cp_uploader utility for uploading files to Check Point servers).
The CPinfo output file allows analyzing customer setups from a remote location. Check Point support engineers can open the CPinfo file in a demo mode, while viewing actual customer Security Policies and Objects. This allows the in-depth analysis of customer's configuration and environment settings.
When contacting Check Point Support, collect the cpinfo files from the Security Management server and Security Gateways involved in your case.

What is the main difference between Threat Extraction and Threat Emulation?

  • A. Threat Emulation never delivers a file and takes more than 3 minutes to complete
  • B. Threat Extraction always delivers a file and takes less than a second to complete
  • C. Threat Emulation never delivers a file that takes less than a second to complete
  • D. Threat Extraction never delivers a file and takes more than 3 minutes to complete

Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT a back up method?

  • A. Save backup
  • B. System backup
  • C. snapshot
  • D. Migrate

Answer: A

Explanation: The built-in Gaia backup procedures:
Snapshot Management
System Backup (and System Restore)
Save/Show Configuration (and Load Configuration)
Check Point provides three different procedures for backing up (and restoring) the operating system and networking parameters on your appliances.
Snapshot (Revert)
Backup (Restore)
upgrade_export (Migrate) References:

Which SmartConsole tab is used to monitor network and security performance?

  • A. Manage Seeting
  • B. Security Policies
  • C. Gateway and Servers
  • D. Logs and Monitor

Answer: C

You are using SmartView Tracker to troubleshoot NAT entries. Which column do you check to view the NAT'd source port if you are using Source NAT?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. XlateDst
  • B. XlateSPort
  • C. XlateDPort
  • D. XlateSrc

Answer: B

Why would an administrator see the message below?
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. A new Policy Package created on both the Management and Gateway will be deleted and must be packed up first before proceeding.
  • B. A new Policy Package created on the Management is going to be installed to the existing Gateway.
  • C. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway is going to be installed on the existing Management.
  • D. A new Policy Package created on the Gateway and transferred to the management will be overwritten bythe Policy Package currently on the Gateway but can be restored from a periodic backup on the Gateway.

Answer: B

Which path below is available only when CoreXL is enabled?

  • A. Slow path
  • B. Firewall path
  • C. Medium path
  • D. Accelerated path

Answer: C

Match the following commands to their correct function. Each command has one function only listed.
156-215.80 dumps exhibit

  • A. C1>F6; C2>F4; C3>F2; C4>F5
  • B. C1>F2; C2>F1; C3>F6; C4>F4
  • C. C1>F2; C2>F4; C3>F1; C4>F5
  • D. C1>F4; C2>F6; C3>F3; C4>F5

Answer: A

In what way are SSL VPN and IPSec VPN different?

  • A. SSL VPN is using HTTPS in addition to IKE, whereas IPSec VPN is clientless
  • B. SSL VPN adds an extra VPN header to the packet, IPSec VPN does not
  • C. IPSec VPN does not support two factor authentication, SSL VPN does support this
  • D. IPSec VPN uses an additional virtual adapter, SSL VPN uses the client network adapter only

Answer: D

You are going to upgrade from R77 to R80. Before the upgrade, you want to back up the system so that, if there are any problems, you can easily restore to the old version with all configuration and management files intact. What is the BEST backup method in this scenario?

  • A. backup
  • B. Database Revision
  • C. snapshot
  • D. migrate export

Answer: C

Explanation: 2. Snapshot Management
The snapshot creates a binary image of the entire root (lv_current) disk partition. This includes Check Point products, configuration, and operating system.
Starting in R77.10, exporting an image from one machine and importing that image on another machine of the same type is supported.
The log partition is not included in the snapshot. Therefore, any locally stored FireWall logs will not be save

Fill in the blank: A new license should be generated and installed in all of the following situations EXCEPT when ____.

  • A. The license is attached to the wrong Security Gateway
  • B. The existing license expires
  • C. The license is upgraded
  • D. The IP address of the Security Management or Security Gateway has changed

Answer: A

Explanation: There is no need to generate new license in this situation, just need to detach license from wrong Security Gateway and attach it to the right one.

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