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You find a suspicious connection from a problematic host. You decide that you want to block everything from that whole network, not just the problematic host. You want to block this for an hour while you investigate further, but you do not want to add any rules to the Rule Base. How do you achieve this?

  • A. Use dbedit to script the addition of a rule directly into the Rule Bases_5_0.fws configuration file.
  • B. Select Block intruder from the Tools menu in SmartView Tracker.
  • C. Create a Suspicious Activity Rule in Smart Monitor.
  • D. Add a temporary rule using SmartDashboard and select hide rule.

Answer: C

Where can you trigger a failover of the cluster members?
Log in to Security Gateway CLI and run command clusterXL_admin down.
In SmartView Monitor right-click the Security Gateway member and select Cluster member stop. Log into Security Gateway CLI and run command cphaprob down.

  • A. 1, 2, and 3
  • B. 2 and 3
  • C. 1 and 2
  • D. 1 and 3

Answer: C

Explanation: How to Initiate Failover
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When installing a dedicated R80 SmartEvent server, what is the recommended size of the root partition?

  • A. Any size
  • B. Less than 20GB
  • C. More than 10GB and less than 20 GB
  • D. At least 20GB

Answer: D

Fill in the blank: Each cluster has _____ interfaces.

  • A. Five
  • B. Two
  • C. Three
  • D. Four

Answer: C

Explanation: Each cluster member has three interfaces: one external interface, one internal interface, and one for synchronization. Cluster member interfaces facing in each direction are connected via a switch, router, or VLAN switch.

What is the default method for destination NAT?

  • A. Destination side
  • B. Source side
  • C. Server side
  • D. Client side

Answer: D

Jack works for a managed service provider and he has been tasked to create 17 new policies for several new customers. He does not have much time. What is the BEST way to do this with R80 security management?

  • A. Create a text-file with mgmt_cli script that creates all objects and policie
  • B. Open the file in SmartConsole Command Line to run it.
  • C. Create a text-file with Gaia CLI -commands in order to create all objects and policie
  • D. Run the file in CLISH with command load configuration.
  • E. Create a text-file with DBEDIT script that creates all objects and policie
  • F. Run the file in the command line of the management server using command dbedit -f.
  • G. Use Object Explorer in SmartConsole to create the objects and Manage Policies from the menu to create the policies.

Answer: A

Explanation: Did you know: mgmt_cli can accept csv files as inputs using the --batch option.
The first row should contain the argument names and the rows below it should hold the values for these parameters.
So an equivalent solution to the powershell script could look like this:
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mgmt_cli add host --batch data.csv -u <username> -p <password> -m <management server>
This can work with any type of command not just "add host" : simply replace the column names with the ones relevant to the command you need.

What component of R80 Management is used for indexing?

  • A. DBSync
  • B. API Server
  • C. fwm
  • D. SOLR

Answer: D

Which of the following is NOT an element of VPN Simplified Mode and VPN Communities?

  • A. “Encrypt” action in the Rule Base
  • B. Permanent Tunnels
  • C. “VPN” column in the Rule Base
  • D. Configuration checkbox “Accept all encrypted traffic”

Answer: A

Explanation: Migrating from Traditional Mode to Simplified Mode
To migrate from Traditional Mode VPN to Simplified Mode:
1. On the Global Properties > VPN page, select one of these options:
• Simplified mode to all new Firewall Policies
• Traditional or Simplified per new Firewall Policy
2. Click OK.
3. From the R80 SmartConsole Menu, select Manage policies. The Manage Policies window opens.
4. Click New.
The New Policy window opens.
5. Give a name to the new policy and select Access Control.
In the Security Policy Rule Base, a new column marked VPN shows and the Encrypt option is no longer available in the Action column. You are now working in Simplified Mode.

Which component functions as the Internal Certificate Authority for R77?

  • A. Security Gateway
  • B. Management Server
  • C. Policy Server
  • D. SmartLSM

Answer: B

When logging in for the first time to a Security management Server through SmartConsole, a fingerprint is saved to the:

  • A. Security Management Server’s /home/.fgpt file and is available for future SmartConsole authentications.
  • B. Windows registry is available for future Security Management Server authentications.
  • C. there is no memory used for saving a fingerprint anyway.
  • D. SmartConsole cache is available for future Security Management Server authentications.

Answer: D

In R80 spoofing is defined as a method of:

  • A. Disguising an illegal IP address behind an authorized IP address through Port Address Translation.
  • B. Hiding your firewall from unauthorized users.
  • C. Detecting people using false or wrong authentication logins
  • D. Making packets appear as if they come from an authorized IP address.

Answer: D

Explanation: IP spoofing replaces the untrusted source IP address with a fake, trusted one, to hijack connections to your network. Attackers use IP spoofing to send malware and bots to your protected network, to execute DoS attacks, or to gain unauthorized access.

Fill in the blank: RADIUS Accounting gets _____ data from requests generated by the accounting client

  • A. Destination
  • B. Identity
  • C. Payload
  • D. Location

Answer: B

Explanation: How RADIUS Accounting Works with Identity Awareness
RADIUS Accounting gets identity data from RADIUS Accounting Requests generated by the RADIUS accounting client.

When configuring LDAP User Directory integration, Changes applied to a User Directory template are:

  • A. Reflected immediately for all users who are using template.
  • B. Not reflected for any users unless the local user template is changed.
  • C. Reflected for all users who are using that template and if the local user template is changed as well.
  • D. Not reflected for any users who are using that template.

Answer: A

Explanation: The users and user groups are arranged on the Account Unit in the tree structure of the LDAP server. User management in User Directory is external, not local. You can change the User Directory templates. Users
associated with this template get the changes immediately. You can change user definitions manually in SmartDashboard, and the changes are immediate on the server.

You want to store the GAiA configuration in a file for later reference. What command should you use?

  • A. write mem <filename>
  • B. show config -f <filename>
  • C. save config -o <filename>
  • D. save configuration <filename>

Answer: D

Which set of objects have an Authentication tab?

  • A. Templates, Users
  • B. Users, Networks
  • C. Users, User Group
  • D. Networks, Hosts

Answer: A

How Capsule Connect and Capsule Workspace differ?

  • A. Capsule Connect provides a Layer3 VP
  • B. Capsule Workspace provides a Desktop with usable applications
  • C. Capsule Workspace can provide access to any application
  • D. Capsule Connect provides Business data isolation
  • E. Capsule Connect does not require an installed application at client

Answer: A

Fill in the blank: In order to install a license, it must first be added to the ______ .

  • A. User Center
  • B. Package repository
  • C. Download Center Web site
  • D. License and Contract repository

Answer: B

Which option would allow you to make a backup copy of the OS and Check Point configuration, without stopping Check Point processes?

  • A. All options stop Check Point processes
  • B. backup
  • C. migrate export
  • D. snapshot

Answer: D

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