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New Cisco 100-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Question No: 5

On which OSI layer does a VLAN operate?

A. Layer 1

B. Layer 2

C. Layer 3

D. Layer 4

Answer: B

Question No: 6

Refer to the exhibit.

A host is connected to switch port fa0/3. The host and switch have been fully configured for IP connectivity as shown. However, the indicator LED on switch port fa0/3 is not on, and the host cannot communicate with any other hosts including those connected to VLAN 2 on the same switch. Based on the given information, what is the problem?

A. switch port fa0/3 is not configured as a trunk port

B. there is a bad cable

C. the switch has been assigned an incorrect subnet mask

D. switch port fa0/3 has been blocked by STP

E. the switch and the host must be in the same subnet

Answer: B

Question No: 7

Refer to the exhibit.

A network technician is unable to ping from R1 to R2. Using the output of the show interfaces serial0/1 command, what should the administrator do to correct the problem?

A. Replace the serial cable between R1 and R2.

B. Reseat the serial connectors on the R1 and R2 routers.

C. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R2 with the no shutdown command.

D. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R1 with the clock rate 56000 command.

E. Configure the serial0/1 interface on R1 with the ip address command.

Answer: C

Question No: 8

Which feature automatically disables Cisco Express Forwarding when it is enabled?

A. multicast

B. IP redirects


D. ACL logging

Answer: D


If you enable CiscoExpress Forwarding and then create an access list that uses the logkeyword, the packets that match the access list are not Cisco Express Forwarding switched. They are process switched. Logging disables Cisco Express Forwarding.

Question No: 9

How many primary ipv4 addresses can be assigned on router interface ?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 4

D. Unlimited

Answer: B

Question No: 10

From where does a small network get its IP network address?

A. Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA)

B. Internet Architecture Board (IAB)

C. Internet Service Provider (ISP)

D. Internet Domain Name Registry (IDNR)

Answer: C

Question No: 11

Which transport layer protocol is best suited for the transport of VoIP data?






Answer: B

Question No: 12

In which situation would the use of a static route be appropriate?

A. To configure a route to the first Layer 3 device on the network segment.

B. To configure a route from an ISP router into a corporate network.

C. To configure a route when the administrative distance of the current routing protocol is too low.

D. To reach a network is more than 15 hops away.

E. To provide access to the Internet for enterprise hosts.

Answer: B

Question No: 13

How can an administrator determine if a router has been configured when it is first powered up?

A. A configured router prompts for a password.

B. A configured router goes to the privileged mode prompt.

C. An unconfigured router goes into the setup dialog.

D. An unconfigured router goes to the enable mode prompt.

Answer: C

Question No: 14


You work for a company that provides managed network services, and of your real estate clients running a small office is experiencing network issues, Troubleshoot the network issues.

Router R1 connects the main office to internet, and routers R2 and R3 are internal routers NAT is enabled on Router R1.

The routing protocol that is enable between routers R1, R2, and R3 is RIPv2.

R1 sends default route into RIPv2 for internal routers to forward internet traffic to R1. Server1 and Server2 are placed in VLAN 100 and 200 respectively, and dare still running

router on stick configuration with router R2.

You have console access on R1, R2, R3, and L2SW1 devices. Use only show commands to troubleshoot the issues.

Examine R2 configuration, the traffic that is destined to R3 LAN network sourced from Router R2 is forwarded to R1 instead R3. What could be an issue?

A. RIPv2 routing updates are suppressed between R2 and R3 using passive interface feature.

B. RIPv2 enabled on R3, but R3 LAN network that is not advertised into RIPv2 domain.

C. No issue that is identified; this behavior is normal since default route propagated into RIPv2 domain by Router R1.

D. RIPv2 not enabled on R3.

Answer: D

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